TeamXbox: Prince of Persia Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "The release of Prince of Persia is approaching faster than anyone here at TeamXbox realized. After breathing a collective sigh of relief after the release of Gears of War 2, it quickly became clear that 2008 wasn't done giving us big releases. Left 4 Dead and Tomb Raider Underworld are still waiting to drop, though they will be very soon. But the game that's got more people excited, at least those that have seen it up close and personal, is the new Prince of Persia.

Due to release on December 2nd, just a few short weeks away, Prince of Persia looks like a no brainer to a lot of us – gorgeous graphics, solid pedigree, revamped gameplay, etc. But there is some worry that the game could fall through the cracks this holiday season, that maybe an all new Prince isn't enough to pry gamers away from Fallout 3 or Gears of War 2. We do not necessarily agree. So we give you our three reasons that the new Prince of Persia should be a hit this holiday, and one reason it may not be:"

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