ONM: Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades Review

ONM writes: "It is, perhaps, a blessing that Nintendo's new DSi handheld lacks a GBA cartridge slot, thus rendering the whole Guitar Hero: On Tour series obsolete - perhaps it'll convince people to stop procrastinating and just buy a real Guitar Hero game instead.

Sure, we can appreciate what the handheld version of Guitar Hero is trying to do but for us, pretending to pretend to play guitar (which is what you do in On Tour) just doesn't cut it when there's only one degree of pretence in the 'proper' version. And don't give us the argument that it's a reasonable compromise for those who can't afford the full console game either. That's like saying that a tin of Spam is a decent replacement for a fat, juicy steak. Just because it's cheaper, that doesn't make it taste any better."

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