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MaximusPrime3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

more surprises

wtg Criterion!

Speed-Racer3625d ago

Hmm this is why they will always do well. Ive never seen a company so dedicated to outputting so much content, with a majority of it being free.

Raoh3625d ago

this is why the video game awards have become a joke

Criterion should be in the running for developer of the year.

instead they are only listing big name titles developers. not that media molecule and company doesnt deserve credit for their awesome work

but Criterion has been delivering since day one and hasnt quit yet.

way to go Criterion.

VampHuntD3625d ago

Criterion has really shown a change in the way DLC can and should be handled. Adding packs for free really has extended Paradise and even upcoming rumored pay packs are looking to be worth the cash. Bravo Criterion, Bravo.

Raoh3625d ago

not to mention their unbiased attention to both the ps3 and the 360.

the only thing extra given to a console was the ability to upload your ps3 game saves to their site so you can get a detailed map of what you need to do that you haven't already.

kwicksandz3625d ago

They also play with PS3 gamers alot more on the crash FM podcast but id say they have given 360 gamers a fair shake as well.

Aclay3625d ago

Burnout Paradise Toy Cars?! My god, EA will find a way to make money off of almost anything.

Parapraxis3625d ago

...most of the DLC for Burnout has been free

thematrix12983625d ago

correction all the updates have been free...

This is the only reason I will never sell this's just amazing with support

thor3625d ago

I would have bought Burnout Paradise if it had split-screen and didn't try too hard to be like GTA - I thought the whole open-worldness for a racing game was totally lame. Which is really a shame, because it's been getting a load of extra content... in fact I'm considering picking it up at some point... hmm...

Covenant3625d ago

When I was a kid, we had these demolition derby cars that would fall apart when you smashed them cool if the Burnout models did that.

thezuur3625d ago

they would bust apart whenever you slammed them into anything. great fun as a kid.

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The story is too old to be commented.