ONM: Shaun White Snowboarding Road Trip Review

ONM writes: "Sometimes it's the simpler things that end up better off. Take Shaun White Snowboarding as an example. The bigger, brasher PS3 and 360 versions promise to be huge, online-integrated, free-roaming simulations. The Wii version, conversely, doesn't try to be any of that.

Usually, that would give Wii haters another reason to mock our streamlined console, but this time its Wii owners that get the last laugh. That's because Shaun White Snowboarding on Wii takes a more straightforward, light-hearted approach, and ends up being much more fun than the other versions.

Check out the art style of the characters and you'll get an idea of Road Trip's more arcadey approach. While the other versions get all bogged down in being realistic, this game lets you throw yourself off huge jumps, perform suicidal tricks with a stunt system that really works, and use boost energy and other powers to enhance your performance."

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