OXM UK: Shaun White Snowboarding

OXM UK writes: "Shaun White Snowboarding couldn't be more serious if it strutted around the slopes in a grey suit with a calculator in its hand. It's got no truck with mega-triple back flips, fireworks and girls in bikinis. It's about the weighty issues of powder, velocity and branded trousers.

This game takes snowboarding and the lifestyle of the hobby far more seriously than the usual 'extreme, high-octane, rad-dude' snowboarding efforts. The emphasis here is on believability, and extensive online integration.

The sensibly laid-out courses are sprawled out over four huge open-world mountains. Events are scattered around the peak and, after being air-lifted to the top of the course, you're free to roam wherever you like, either straight to the nearest event or just to board around exploring the slopes."

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