5 Most anticipated PC games of 2007

We all know that the consoles are expected to have a killer year full of excellent games, but lets not forget about the PC.

"It really is no secret that 2007 is going to be a huge year for PC gaming. Already we have seen the release of The Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft -- so that definitely sets the stage quite nicely for PC gaming in '07.

But who are the true standout players going to be this year? Who will step up to the plate and deliver gaming experiences that will be talked about (and played) for years to come? It's hard to say, really, but I've compiled a small list of five games that I feel will shape this year in PC gaming (Burning Crusade excluded.)

Hit the jump for the inside line on the best that is yet to come."

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THWIP4908d ago

...they aren't all PC exclusive games. Bioshock is on 360 as well, and UT3 360/PS3 also. Hellgate London is rumored to be coming to the 360 as well.

Rooted_Dust4908d ago

It's hard to find exclusive PC titles sometimes, because unlike consoles PC's have no first party. I prefer my PC to consoles though, because it gives me more control and Keyboard and mouse beat a controller any day.

THWIP4908d ago

This article supposedly focuses on PC-only games, hence the title, and his comments in the VERY FIRST SENTENCE. There are TONS of exclusive PC games.....mostly RTS, sims, or MMO's....but they're out there. That he couldn't even pick 3 that were truly PC-exclusive, and worth mentioning, is pretty sad.

People like you are rapidly becoming the minority anyway. The tired "my keyboard/mouse beats a controller anyday" comment is so 5 years ago. REAL gamers enjoy the best the industry has to offer, from the comfort of their living room couch, with wireless controllers and a bigscreen T.V. Not to mention, the hardware cyle is nearly double the length of the PC's, and a lot cheaper to upgrade to the next-gen.