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Insane 8k Stills from the Senua's Sacrifice: Hellblade II Reveal Trailer

A selection of 8k stills taken from the initial reveal trailer for Senua's Sacrifice: Hellblade II for Xbox Series X from Ninja Theory.

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Community480d ago
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Wasabi480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

The 8K stills look amazing, the detail is incredible.

Shuckylad480d ago

What you viewing them on?

Wasabi480d ago


***"What you viewing them on?"***

An old 640x480 CRT television from the late 80's why'd you ask?

Ricegum480d ago


You got an 8K display? Be hilarious if you didn't.

Gazondaily480d ago


Why would it be hilarious if he wasn't viewing it on a 8K (lol) monitor. You dont need an 8k display to appreciate the detail in the pictures.

n1kki6480d ago

@septic You can't be serious. Because if he is viewing them on say a 1440p monitor then he is only seeing a 1440p image. The pixel density isn't the same so the detail isn't the same. Gamers argue about shit they have no understanding about.

Gazondaily480d ago


What? The images look great on my surface Pro. No one is saying the pixel density is comparable to viewing it natively at 8k...they just are very high res pictures that look nice.

I guess all the people below saying the screens look nice are all wrong?

"Gamers argue about shit they have no understanding about"

Exactly. Wasabi just said the pictures look amazing and you have people crying about the resolution of the display they are viewing the pictures on lmao

dcbronco479d ago

Some people are so full of it. They couldn't stop going on about 1080p when most didn't have a TV for it. Now they want to put down 8k because most don't have it. You know who might have it though? The PC gamer who spends on tech but has limits. They have a good gaming PC but wish they had steady 4k or even 8k. This offers them a chance to get the machine cheap and start working on the TV as the generation moves forward and 8k prices drop.

D__RAiL479d ago

I am using my rice cooker display

Babadook7479d ago

Well so much for these being real time. Looks great though.

edwardmde479d ago

@Ricegum. A 4K monitor. Then zoom into each corner? Don’t be dumb.

SublimeStylee2479d ago

Cuz I'm sure all the gamers crying about a 600$ possible price point for next gen are lining up to buy 8k TVs....

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anonymousfan480d ago

True but I think "in engine" trailers are useless as a measure of graphical power if they are not rendered in realtime... This could be runnning on a 20k $ PC for all I know rendering 1 frame per hour...

Wasabi480d ago (Edited 480d ago )


***"True but I think "in engine" trailers are useless as a measure of graphical power if they are not rendered in realtime... This could be runnning on a 20k $ PC for all I know rendering 1 frame per hour..."***

Well, it's a good job my initial post made no reference to the graphical power of the Series X or any kind of comment as to whether or not the game was rendered realtime in engine or not.

I just said the pictures looked nice.

anonymousfan480d ago

@Wasabi that's why I started my comment with "true". I don't disagree with you I just wished they show a realtime trailer redendered on the xbox hardware instead.

Wasabi480d ago


***"I don't disagree with you"***

Cool bro, I'm glad we both agree that the stills look awesome!

Merry Christmas

SyntheticForm480d ago

Agreed - those look fantastic.

New wallpaper.

UnSelf480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

He doesn’t. @ricegum

fr0sty480d ago

"Insane upscaled stills from a cinematic that at no time said it was real time or even in-engine.*

Wasabi480d ago (Edited 480d ago )


***"from a cinematic that at no time said it was real time or even in-engine"***

I'm not sure why you persist in pushing the "nowhere was it stated that the trailer was in-engine" narrative across multiple threads with multiple people proving you incorrect in each thread.

Just in case you missed it, here's the trailer from the official Xbox YouTube channel, take a look at the title - it's all there in black and white.

479d ago
SyntheticForm479d ago

I just noticed you can see the peach fuzz on her face. That's some detail.

ravens52479d ago

Probably the way you worded it. "The 8k stills look amazing..." I guess people took it as tho your viewing them in 8k because you said 8k lol. "The stills look amazing" wouldve been better. Lol 🤷🏽‍♂️ idc im just saying. Happy holidays everyone!!

Wasabi479d ago


The fact that the stills are 8K does not mean you need an 8K display to appreciate the detail in full, only that you would need an 8K display to view the WHOLE image at 1:1 resolution.

It's possible to view the entire image detail on a monitor with ANY resolution, you just would not be able to view the full image at once, so to say that the image detail cannot be fully appreciated on a display less than 8K is not correct.

It's also possible to supersample a higher resolution image to a lower resolution display whilst still preserving much of the image detail in the same way PS4 Pro / Xbox One X supersample higher res images to 1080p displays resulting in a vastly superior image than 1:1 1080p.

All this is by the by as this morning when I viewed the stills and made my post I was using a Dell Ultrasharp 8K display that my partner uses for work.

n1kki6479d ago

But he called out 8k specifically. 1440p pics will look the same as 8k on a 1440p screen other than it will look slightly anti aliased.

Edgelordsupreme479d ago

For someone who calling people out for not knowing what they're talking about, you sure seem to enjoy putting your foot in your mouth.

If I have an 8k image open on my PC which is connected to a 1440p monitor, the image is larger than my monitors native resolution. So it's either going to get scaled down or appear at its native resolution and I won't be able tosee the whole image at once. Is it the same as viewing the image on an 8k monitor? No obviously not, but to say it will look the same as a 1440p image is very incorrect.

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Battlestar23480d ago

Does this mean that games on the series X will be in 8K with 60FPS?

vallencer480d ago

Honestly doubt any game will be in 8k 30 fps let alone 8k 60 fps. Even though they said it could do 8k. If they do it definitely won't be native. Besides 8k displays are insanely priced at the moment. I like the idea of future proofing your system but let's be real here.

ScootaKuH480d ago

Of course it doesn't. Be realistic!

It's going to be 32k at 240fps

formanbradley479d ago

Anything less gives me a headache.
-Internet bulshitter

BenRC01480d ago

Hell no. It won't be 4k 60.

SublimeStylee2479d ago

Netflix has the absolute worst 4k selection for movies, 80% 4k comedy specials. Excluding Netflix originals that are mostly trash, theres next to none for 4k movies.

479d ago
DarkZane479d ago

99% of the games won't even be 4K/60fps. Except a few first party titles and the very rare third party who specifically aim for 4K/60fps, almost all games will be 4k/30fps with better details because graphics simply sell more than framerate for casuals and casuals just make up the biggest pool of players by far for those next gen consoles.

rainslacker479d ago

For the 3 people that have an 8k display and a PC powerful enough to render it? Sounds like a smart business move.

timotim479d ago

You're better than that know damn well its a wallpaper

rainslacker479d ago

Wallpapers get rendered at 60fps?

ILostMyMind479d ago

No. It means that you'll always play a worse version of what you saw in trailers.

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Varodor480d ago

Print screens from trailer??? what is this, a joke?

SyntheticForm480d ago

If good wallpaper is a joke.

They're just 8K stills - nobody is boasting the game will be in 8K.

Relax buddeh!

Einhander1971480d ago

Yes looks amazing for a CGI cut scene or intro, let's see proper gameplay I doubt it will look this good but prove me wrong.

CaptainHenry916480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

Definitely getting this for PC!! I actually think the CGI trailer was on PC

timotim479d ago

Ive never seen someone so happy to get supposed CGI for their PC...

CaptainHenry916479d ago (Edited 479d ago )

With the proper gpu you will be able to do wonders with Hellblade. The first game looked amazing on PC and was optimized really well

timotim479d ago

Right over your head haha...

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