Resident Evil 5 screenshots beg you to save money for 2009

Few Resident Evil 5 pictures.

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Harry1904725d ago (Edited 4725d ago )


Now we need to find their weak spot for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

doshey4725d ago

flying boss screw that im not buying

Marcello4725d ago

Its still 4 months away, i simply cannot wait. This game is surely gonna be a monster hit on both platforms :P

I am praying the rumoured PC version is true, March 13th 2009 cant come quick enuff.

bunbun7774725d ago

Is going to kick ass- seriously. Haters beware- I will not tolerate disrespect of this franchise, it may not be what it was when it started, and if you wanna cry in your beer I've got a really nice Kid Icarus story for you...

UnwanteDreamz4725d ago

Game looks like it will be something to see, but I miss survival horror. This should be reclassified as an action title.