CD PROJEKT S.A. Solidifies Relationship with Witcher Books Author Andrzej Sapkowski

CD PROJEKT, creators of “The Witcher” series of games and upcoming role-playing game “Cyberpunk 2077”, together with Andrzej Sapkowski, author of “The Witcher” books, would like to inform that today both parties signed an agreement

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savedsynner585d ago

Honestly, the world is so deep, there could be 2 or 3 games with Ciri and even other Witchers. Geralt tho is such a good character, it would be a shame for there not to be more game with him as the lead.

Jon61586585d ago

I would love to go back in time as there is so much lore

xTonyMontana585d ago (Edited 585d ago )

I hope both parties are happy with this arrangement both now and whatever the future brings.

Battlestar23585d ago

I wonder if the rumors of Microsoft buying CD PROJEKT is true.

KyRo585d ago

What click baiting website have you been reading? That rumour is as unlikely as that old rumour about both Sony and MS buying out Rockstar. It would never happen.

lazyboyblue585d ago

Playing devils advocate; clarification of CDPR's rights to the Witcher brand would be something Microsoft would want settled before a possible takeover. 🤔

xTonyMontana585d ago

^^^ Why? If they were to take over, they could potentially settle the rights themselves. CDPR are exploding, they are up there with the best in terms of reputation, enjoying even more mainstream acknowledgement thanks to the Witcher series and about to release one of the most anticipated games in years. It would make no sense to let Microsoft buy them now and they've came out before and rebuked takeover rumours.

lazyboyblue585d ago

@@xTonyMontana The studio would be worth more if those assets were nailed down. An pretty important factor if a price is agreed.

Poopmist585d ago

It's for a game Dev in Poland, not just CDPR. My guess is People Can Fly or Bloober team(I think they're in Poland?)

Silly gameAr585d ago

Now, I know for sure stuff is getting out of hand, and people are starting to make stuff up just to keep articles coming lol.

rainslacker585d ago

There's no rumor to that effect. Only they're looking to maybe buy a dev in Poland. Cdpr isnt the only dev in poland.

pornflakes584d ago

Would be interesting to know how many shares CDPR is holding...

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Limitedtimestruggle585d ago

Good see they finally seem to have come to terms :)

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The story is too old to be commented.