Xbox Series X Will Stay As Quiet As Xbox One X, Says Phil Spencer

"What this design does, with the size of the fan that we built around, is it lets us match how quiet the Xbox One X is with all that power inside of the box."

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gangsta_red484d ago

The Xbox X doesn't make a peep. I'm glad those jet engine days are long gone in regards to Xbox

Unspoken484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Maybe Sony will get a clue and design their PS5 to be more silent as well. The fan in the PS4 was ridiculously loud. Wonder how much throttling occurs when the heat hits threshold.

gangsta_red484d ago

Yeah, my PS4 used to be quiet, then I remember one day it started sounding like a grizzly bear in a street fight.

Hopefully Sony will be able to do the same for the PS5.

Stanjara484d ago

It doesn't throttle, doesn't have that. It spins the fan as much as it can, then if it still rising temp then it shut it self off.

nucky64484d ago

my launch ps4 is quiet almost all the time. i clean my vents every week.

Neonridr484d ago

I will agree that the original Pro model sounds like a jumbo ready for take off. I got the 500 million Pro to replace it and it's so much quieter. They definitely learned a lot with the redesign.

sinspirit484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Neither console has any issue staying cool. Loud fans does not mean the console is even close to overheating. The PS4 just spins the fan fast to overcompensate. It's definitely a lame design choice they should have covered. Testing shows the PS4(at launch) stayed 1 degree cooler than the XBox One. But, both boxes are incredibly below any overheating temperature. Obviously, if the X1 fan was ramped up it would be lower temp than the PS4 but it's just not necessary. I really don't get why they have the fan ramp up so quickly. Some models are whisper quiet, and others get way too loud like mine.

battlegrog484d ago

They cant cus they insist on being smaller. Which means louder fans and hotter. I think its about time consoles evolved and became more universal pike pc. So good on xbox

MajorLazer484d ago

I had an OG PS4 and that sounded loud as hell at times. Picked up a slim PS4 recently with RDR2 and it's as silent as a whisper

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SpaceRanger484d ago

Hopefully the open vents on top don’t allow the dust to get in. Last thing anyone would want is another RROD situation, way more concerning of an issue.

I have a feeling that top grill will serve as a speaker or voice recording device as well. It seems very Alexa based in design.

gangsta_red484d ago

"...another RROD situation, way more concerning of an issue."

Yeah, that issue was over two decades plus ago. I think that and the YLoD issues are no longer a concern for the next gen consoles as they weren't a concern at all this gen.

A built in speaker would be pretty cool, I would not be mad at that. I did enjoy using it when I had my Kinect.

nucky64484d ago

my thought was when it doesn't run - would it be smart to keep the top covered with something(if upright) so dust can't fall down into it?

-at gangsta red : "2 decades"? MS has been making consoles for 15 years - and RRoD was like 12 years ago - NOT 2 decades. and RRoD was a HUGE problem - YLoD was not.

gangsta_red484d ago


Point is it was a long time ago. That ship has been set sailed and not even worth mentioning because it's no longer a problem.

That's like worrying about leprosy.

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sinspirit484d ago


Well. The YLoD was never an issue because the failure rate was so ridiculously low regardless of media outlets trying to cover it like it's another major console problem. But, I get you're just digging at SpaceRanger for bringing up the RRoD again.

Sony may have the smallest box right now and the better hardware history. But, I do like Microsoft's simple design of their box. I'm not a fan of the slanted look of the PS4. The only one I really liked were the limited edition models, especially the Destiny TTK model which is when I finally got a PS4. I normally don't like flashy for the sake of being flashy. But, the piano black and chrome launch PS3 was sooo good looking. I'd love to see some sort of callback to that design. Sony did release quite a few limited editions this generation so maybe we'll get that kind of design again in some way. Very curious what their regular box will look like.


"RROD was only a huge problem on the first iteration of 360 just like YLOD was a huge problem on the FAT PS3 models as they were famous for breaking due to overheating. Fully working FAT models are getting rare these days."

Nah, it took 360 years till they revised the RRoD issue. They even released multiple editions including the elite that still had the issue. YLoD was never a "huge problem". Make sure that these are factual observations and not simply word of mouth. Well, a console being rare is anecdotal and also it's also the most sought after PS3 model because of its looks, and for the OG backwards compatible model. We don't have to keep trying to compare RRoD to other things that are incomparable. It really was that bad. But, it is done. The launch XBox One was a dreadful design with being so huge, with an enormous power brick, and while having 50% less GPU cores as the PS4 that took half the space. But, I don't see that poor design anymore. I'm find with the new SX design. It's good. It looks like it could require more effort to make a spot for it but I like it. Since the X1X Slim their design is compact, nice looking, and has internal power bricks which is nice.

rainslacker484d ago

Dust gets in just through the act of pulling air through the intakes. I doubt you'd see a significant rise in dust because the vents are on the top

Wasabi484d ago


***""2 decades"? MS has been making consoles for 15 years - and RRoD was like 12 years ago - NOT 2 decades"***

You're correcting Gangsta for being inaccurate with time periods whilst doing exactly the same yourself.

The original Xbox released in 2001, We are now almost in 2020. That's not 15 years, it's almost 20!

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AngelicIceDiamond484d ago

I'm starting to get use to the design now. Its interesting how strong the console is spec wise but yet a little smaller than the X1 that's drastically weaker but bigger in size.

SyntheticForm484d ago

No, it doesn't. The loudest it's gotten for me was playing Metro Exodus, and that wasn't even loud. My launch PS4 Pro sounds like I'm standing on a crowded runway at LAX. The map of Midgard in God of War pushes the fans to their limit. I'll never understand what's so hardware intensive about God of War's map screen.

In any case, I hope both consoles are as quiet as the X or better.

Wasabi484d ago (Edited 484d ago )


***"I'll never understand what's so hardware intensive about God of War's map screen"***

Map / Inventory screens make the fans ramp up because quite often the framerate limiter is not active on these screens, so the GPU goes into overdrive. It's why many games crash on map / inventory screens rather than in game.

SyntheticForm484d ago


Appreciate the education - had no clue about that. Always just assumed the frame rate was 30 on those screens. That's strange though because the frame rate isn't exactly high on those screens but maybe that doesn't matter.

Wasabi484d ago


***"Appreciate the education - had no clue about that. Always just assumed the frame rate was 30 on those screens. That's strange though because the frame rate isn't exactly high on those screens but maybe that doesn't matter"***

You're welcome mate, It's not every game that works this way, but many do. It's easiest to see on PC where you have the option to display the FPS counter. Quite often games will shoot up to 300 - 500 fps on menu screens when vertical sync is disabled.

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ReadyPlayer22484d ago

They pioneered both the Hovis method of console design as well as the first vapor chamber cooling in a console. I imagine that their new consoles uses superior, more refined versions of both of these.

HighPlayer28484d ago

The Surface team creating Xbox consoles was a brilliant decision by Microsoft. Xbox will never again suffer from a hardware standpoint now that Phil is leading the division.

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