Creative work by ANTIVJ gets ripped off in new Microsoft Xbox launch

The launch video for Microsoft's Xbox Series X console "borrows" from work by ANTIVJ (and a ground-breaking indie game, too).

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Jin_Sakai481d ago

Looks very similar. Doesn’t surprise me coming from Microsoft.

Spurg481d ago

It's not an outright copy but an inspired piece. Not like copy of that PlayStation advert they very blantly ripped off every single animation.

UnorthodoxAndCynical481d ago

That's what a rip off is. I doubt anyone can replicate it completely unless the artist does it himself.

naruga481d ago

lol ..didnt even launch yet ..and started with a controversy and stealing ....

rob-GP481d ago Show
The Wood481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

Another 'look over there at them' swerve

darthv72481d ago

Wait... I've seen that effect years before in movies. So who is really ripping off who?

Unspoken481d ago

True it isn't a copy. I wanted to watch the video to determine if every segment was mirrored but it is only the 9 seconds which seem similarly created. I wonder if this hit the news because of the PS4 ad copy fiasco where Sony is now apologizing to all copied artists..

fr0sty481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

I am a VJ that makes visual content like this... we don't exactly get rich doing it, and anyone, especially one of the world's most valuable companies, ripping us off, is doing a lot of damage. These animations take a LONG time to come up with and even longer to figure out how to pull it off, then the painstaking process of rendering which can take weeks (or months even). The worst part about it, they probably spent more time and money "making their own version" than they would have just licensing the video from that artist.

KickSpinFilter481d ago

First it was the Advertising agency who ripped off the animation for the Sony Ad. As I'm sure is the case here.

DigitallyAfflicted481d ago

if you would do it to MS, you will have to explain yourself in court...

ziggurcat481d ago

Sony didn’t rip anything off - the person who made the ad did...

fr0sty481d ago

They ripped off the effect itself, but also the shot composition. The camera angles are identical in all shots. The edit is also ripped off, each shot is the same exact length as the original. The only thing different is the 3D modeling the light is shining on, and some change to the spreading effect on the last shot. This was ripped off.

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Obscure_Observer481d ago (Edited 481d ago )


Its a 00.09 seconds segment out of an entire 01:53 minute video!

But hey, its Microsoft! Lets bury them under rocks while we give other companies a free pass

UltraNova481d ago

I'm afraid no amount of damage control will be enough to cover this up, dear obscure.

Obscure_Observer481d ago


Nothing has to cover up. I think MS has to do right to the original artist or remove the entire piece!

Its just funny to see different opinions when the same cases are reversed. Lol

The Wood481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

Do you ever take a day off. Both cases are clearly different but for some, defence is just a reflex. . . Gaara of the desert levels

GTgamer481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

I don't see why you would blame either company for these things it's not like they actually made the videos themselves in Sony's case they paid someone to make a video and that individual choose to steal from someone else if that's the same case for MS then I'll give MS a pass too. Just sayinnnnng.

darthv72481d ago

I know I've seen that effect in a movie from years ago. Almost everything inspires something else. So something obviously inspired ANTIVJ to begin with.

Zeref481d ago

It's not even about that, this is a very common special effect 😂

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Christopher481d ago

SHouldn't surprise anyone, but not because of who it's from. This is the exact same thing as Sony's music video from a week or two ago. They hire marketing teams to do these videos and create ideas. Every once in a while those marketing people either have extremely similar outcomes as someone else or they have someone who outright steals an idea.

Don't try and make this about the "evil" Microsoft when it happens regularly and Microsoft just hires third-parties like everyone else to make what they think are the best representation of their marketing goals with the device.

ziggurcat481d ago

This crap happens all the time, none of it is really the fault of the company (whether it’s MS or even Sony), it’s all the responsibility of whoever produced the video.

1Victor481d ago

Well said Christopher but here there’s some who’s observations get obscured by their favoritism.
Marketing departments tend to go the easiest was possible and sometimes they get caught with their pants down other times they get away with it 🤣

Zeref481d ago

Definitely a slow news day, have yall been under a rock? This effect is pretty common in trailers.

neutralgamer1992481d ago

Ms advertised killzone shadow fall screen shots as Xbox one launch title 😂

Kribwalker480d ago

and sony has used forza and project gotham screen shots to advertise Gran Turismo 3 or 4 times. Shit happens everywhere

pinkcrocodile75481d ago

@Jin_Sakai - Spoken like true spy

RangerWalk267481d ago

You must be brand loyal to Sony. Because there is no reason to make it sound like Microsoft is known for this. They are not. Sony on the other hand... MASSIVELY notorious for doing it. Hell, even their first party Studios do it. Take the example of naughty dog including a photo of assassin's Creed into uncharted 4. Activision filed a suit making them change it.

HaVoK308481d ago

Sony was caught doing the same thing not so long ago. Both at fault, but neither the original culprit. This kind of stuff is almost always contracted out. It’s those contractors ripping people off. And it happens everyday. Firms are constantly ripping off people on the internet.

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ElementX481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

Whoever designed the video for MS needs to do some explaining. Now, I wouldn't blame MS per se. Somebody or a group of people either in-house or contracted, created the MS video.... do you expect MS's marketing team to run some sort of algorithm to compare every submitted video to every other video on the planet? That's not how things work. Until the video went public, it's quite possible the only people who knew the MS video was copied were the people who created it. Do people expect MS employees to enter the boardroom and say "we discovered this small artist group and we like their video, so we're going to make the same thing"? That's just absurd

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amazingmax7481d ago

Or coincidentally, the person who made the xbox/microsoft video just came up with the idea and it just happened to be like the indie artists work.

It's either that or what @ElementX said. It isn't MS fault, it would be the in-house/contract person that didn't get permission etc, otherwise MS wouldn't of approved it, they would of contacted the Indie person first.

TK-66480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

Actually the person has a lot of explaining to do. I've done 5 seconds of thumb twiddling and found this orange shimmery line in the Halo 4 E3 trailer. This guy thinks he can copy Halo 4s marketing on Microsofts payroll? Outrageous./s

Gazondaily481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

Microsoft are vicariously liable unless they did it in house. Then they are directly so.

Unless it's all an amazing coincidence. Which, is amazingly unlikely.

Christopher481d ago

Contracts will remove liability from Microsoft if they hired a third-party to do it. Part of the third-party contract will include explicit statements about these situations and how they will not only hold the company being hired liable for their use and any resulting financial loss but also likely result in reimbursement of compensation for said work.

481d ago
Gazondaily481d ago


Yes the same principle applies

Wasabi481d ago


Typical, disagrees because of who you are, rather than what you said.


Gazondaily481d ago

Haha haters gon hate 🤷‍♂️

rainslacker481d ago

Depends. MS has it's own in house marketing team capable of media creation like this. In which case, they'd be liable, although it isnt always going to result in financial culpability if they handle the situation right after its found out.

If they used a 3rd party, contracts will protect them, and not much may come of it if the copyright holder presses the issue. Ms would likely take down the ad.

The thing about financial culpability with copyright is that more often than not, it requires ongoing infringement to go anywhere in court. Outside some mitigating circumstances, the person infringing needs to knowingly be doing so.

Not sure the claimant in this case was trying to fish for money. The comment seemed more about how indie devs work was abused in this manner.

Plus, not sure it's really a valid copyright claim at this point.

KillBill480d ago

"Look, this is legal. It’s maybe even arguably ethical..." - no one is arguing any legal or ethical stance in the article. Odd that your first choice of attack was to do so.

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The Wood481d ago

As usual. . .some balanced sense

Zeref481d ago

Yall ever watched trailers? I've seen similar scenes countless times 😂😂😂

Ricegum481d ago

You're defending this like there's no tomorrow. No matter how many laughing emojis you put Microsoft need to address this.

Zeref480d ago

No they don't need to address anything, Cuz they did nothing wrong 😂 That guy didn't invent this special effect

481d ago
rainslacker481d ago

Stuff like this happens frequently. It shouldn't, but that's the world we live in.

It's not that it happens that's important for blame, it's how the companies handle it once it's been pointed out and verified. Some are better than others, but if MS verifies its true, theyll likely pull the trailer

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CrimsonWing69481d ago

Man, this is becoming a problem. I’ve been seeing this for a PS4 animated ad. Like how do you not think someone won’t notice?

481d ago
Christopher481d ago

People get away with it for so long until they don't.

Same thing happened with that one IGN reviewer who plagiarized his first review there, then people started finding that his past reviews were also plagiarized once they delved deeper.

The Sony one is confusing since the director had been accused already of theft of ideas previously, but the company that Sony hired used him anyway.

Zeref481d ago

Except this isn't the same at all. I've seen countless trailers that do the sparkly line thing

chiefJohn117481d ago

Exactly this is a common theme setup

CrimsonWing69480d ago

I dunno man, those looked a bit too similar. It’s essentially the same as plagiarism with writing except you changed some words.