Microsoft Launches First U.S. Store

Amid the souring economy, Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) Thursday opened its first online store in the U.S., selling all of its products at a one-stop-shop.

Customers will be able to buy and download products via Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) and can also get direct shipments.

With the launch, U.S. customers can buy first-party software and hardware directly from the company via an online catalog. Products include software, devices and hardware, such as Office 2007, Vista, Visual 2008, Windows Server 2008, Xbox 360 consoles and accessories and the new Zune.

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Bnet3433623d ago

Looks cool. You can buy Xbox 360 games.

Marceles3623d ago

Finally they make an online store.

Off topic but...NXE anyone? :)

Ldubbz3623d ago

I doubt I will ever use the site, but its about time MS. This bodes well especially for business/productivity users with downloadable SW. I would also expect to see some exclusive 360 deals on there; perhaps getting free points or LIVE with system purchases or pre-orders.

JOLLY13623d ago

I can't find the web address anywhere. What is the site address?

Premonition3623d ago

@JOLLY 1, try going to lol that was my first thought.

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