GameZone: Prince of Persia Preview

On the previous console generation, the Ubisoft's Prince of Persia franchise was far and away one of the most critically and commercially successful trilogies around, rebooting the series started on PCs decades ago and introducing some revolutionary concepts that would be emulated many times over the years. Now, after a several year absence, Ubisoft is looking to bring the Prince back to consoles with the plainly named Prince of Persia.

The first game in the franchise to hit current-gen consoles, Prince of Persia doesn't fit in with the prior trilogy, instead starting its own trilogy and introducing you to a new Prince and a new companion, Elika, on his journey. The game is not quite as revolutionary as The Sands of Time, but does add some great new features for fans of the series. GameZone was given some hands-on time at a recent press event held by Ubisoft, and the results will no doubt impress those looking to jump back in to Persia.

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VampHuntD3623d ago

Reading the preview makes me think that the preorder wasn't a mistake at all. Glad to hear it seems to be shaping up nicely.