7 Most Underrated Games of 2019

Chris writes: "The year is almost over, and we're looking back on all of the games that have released. Here are our 7 most underrated games of 2019."

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XANDEO1670d ago

I'd add remnant from the ashes to that list, Played it recently via gamepass and thought it was pretty good. Loved judgement aswell which is on the list, definitely recommend that one to anyone who likes the yakuza games.

phoenixwing1670d ago

anybody who loves the oldschool rpg from bioware days will love greedfall. However expect some jank in the controls it wasn't a AAA title so it's rough around the edges a little, but still highly enjoyable in my opinion.

Tross1670d ago

The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenants Edition and AI: The Somnium Files. Their absence from various game awards just cements my opinion that such awards are a waste of time and thought since it’s clear the people behind them haven’t played everything.


The Rise of the Metro Series

A look back at 4A Games' admirably consistent post-apocalyptic shooter franchise.

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69d ago

Metro Exodus Sold 10 Million Units in 5 Years, Next Mainline Installment Coming in 202X

Metro Exodus turns 5 years old today, and has now sold over 10 Million copies.

Metro will return in VR with Metro Awakening from @vertigogames
in 2024 - and the next mainline Metro from @4AGames

When it’s ready

Thank you for coming on the journey so far with us.

ravens52150d ago

I still have yet to purchase Exodus. I have to get that. Love this series.


Metro Video Game Series: A Comprehensive History

The Metro video game series started with a humble b-list title, before building a strong fanbase and becoming a pioneer in the industry.

TheBrainZ160d ago

Never got into Exodus, but 2033 was excellent.

kevco33160d ago

Yeah, Exodus just didn't grab me either, sadly.

I absolutely loved 2033 and Last Light, however. Played them both on 360 and then again with the remasters!

anast159d ago

I just started it and it is already miles better than the first 2 which are dated.