Xbox Series X rewrites the rules of console design and the power level should be extraordinary

The rules are changing, the nature of console design is radically evolving, the presumptions we have about the core design limitations in building a new games machine need to be re-evaluated. Microsoft has revealed Xbox Series X and its monolithic casing has almost twice the volume of an Xbox One X - and what this means for performance is tantalising.

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UltraNova593d ago

Eurogamer sure likes their xbox content... maybe they're fishing for another exclusive xbox reveal (xb1X)?

Neonridr593d ago

no doubt Digital Foundry will get first dibs on all the hardware analysis.

UltraNova593d ago

They didn't with the PS4 Pro, nor the Switch or Switch Lite to my knowledge...

Neonridr593d ago

@UltraNova - no, just MS stuff. They did all the XB1X stuff too.

Obscure_Observer593d ago


Microsoft invited Richard for an exclusive first look at Xbox One X and the technology behind it. Sony and Nintendo didn´t.

darthv72593d ago

DF likes technology, doesn't matter whose. They love seeing shiny new things.

And honestly.... so do I.

Unspoken593d ago

They love tech, even if it's filtered through their lens, tech is their passion and I respect that.

bouzebbal592d ago

This is theory.. I like to let the games speak for themselves

Larrysweet592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

Df doesn't even have a mill subs

UltraNova592d ago


"Microsoft invited Richard for an exclusive first look at Xbox One X and the technology behind it. Sony and Nintendo didn´t."

Exactly ;-)

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bluefox755593d ago

I think they have some sort of deal worked out with MS.

Gazondaily593d ago

Is this an attempt to get excuses in early to future proof against POSSIBLE lost arguments in Digital Foundry articles?

593d ago
IamTylerDurden1593d ago


It's just true.

Didn't u guys all cry about The Game Awards being fixed for Death Stranding (and Sekiro won GotY) yet it's unacceptable to mention a possible deal between MS and DF?

Nice spin though. You certainly are a fortune teller..

CaptainHenry916593d ago

"Didn't u guys all cry about The Game Awards being fixed for Death Stranding (and Sekiro won GotY) yet it's unacceptable to mention a possible deal between MS and DF?"

Hilarious. I never listen to people like that

Unspoken593d ago

Now they have deal with MS, lol. Can't actually support it when they are not saying nice things about PlayStation. They are hugely critical of Microsoft and Xbox. Gamers these days...

SyntheticForm592d ago

You just sound paranoid.

As soon as we get PS5 details, Eurogamer will be all over them like flies on shit. They love new consoles and tech. They're going to cover PS5 really hard, don't worry.

I find it funny how people were all "We don't know shit about Xbox Scarlett" then overnight we knew way more about Scarlett than PS5. We know more about it's SSD (NVMe) and it's RAM (GDDR6) and now we know what it looks like and how it handles heat.

Look, there's no bias, and once Sony give us more details the internet will explode, and EG/DF will be there to analyze everything.

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Wontime1593d ago

Lol why does there have to be an alterior motive, why can't they just be genuinely excited.

gangsta_red593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

This is what I would like to know. Every website or journalist seems to be on the MS Xbox payroll whenever they say anything complimentary about them.

The Wood593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

The rules are changing, the nature of console design is radically evolving, the presumptions we have about the core design limitations in building a new games machine need to be re-evaluated......

Says . . . .

Change can be very good but some can be very bad.. . MS tried to change the rules this gen... I understand excitement but this would of been easier to swallow if it was predicted. Nobody predicted this form factor which I feel is a little too large but I personally like the cleanness. I rate the surface team designers MS have and can only assume they had some input. Lets see what the other players do before claims of radical evolution are spoken as if i they're a matter of fact. Call them pioneers if anything but I'd still reserve that until we see if the unit works properly on both axis

593d ago
UltraNova593d ago

@the wood,

The Surface design team is truly talented. I believe they have designed some of the best looking and functioning laptops around.

XabiDaChosenOne593d ago

Because money talks, this isn't a charity.

SyntheticForm592d ago


You're on N4G - a site with a Sony bent. Intellectual honesty is thrown out the window in favor of anti-Microsoft/pro-Sony sentiment.

Look at Days Gone. Reviewers were crucified for stating how they felt, like Kallie Plagge and others, and the results were spun by the pro-Sony crowd as, of course, anti-Sony behavior. Kallie Plagge (the vilest woman on the internet) was a goddess when she rated Death Stranding a 9.5, so you know the deal.

I like both Xbox and PlayStation for different reasons, and that will probably always be the case, but these people hate Microsoft. If Microsoft ever starts to bring it with the games, they'll still hate Microsoft, even though some have stated they'd have a change of heart if Microsoft brought new, original, top-shelf AAA games.

We're on N4G.

592d ago
specialguest592d ago

This is N4G. Everything Sony is the most amazing thing. They even found reasons why exclusive games like Knack was a great game lol. MS and even Nintendo are not allowed to have their time to shine in the media

592d ago
UltraNova592d ago

Who said they're not? And why is it bad of they are indeed fishing for an xbox exclusive tech reveal? What stops Sony to do an exclusive with DF?

I really like seeing people revealing their true nature and attack their imaginary "adversaries" for no good reason. Yeah, this is indeed N4G.

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CaptainCook593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

Phil Spencer did praise the article on twitter

OB1Biker593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

Yes he praised DF. 'DF does good work'
I'm not sure what the fuss is about 'design innovation' though.

UltraNova593d ago


Geoff Keighley praised Kojima, that didn't stop people from crying foul about Death Stranding's nomination...

King_Noctis592d ago


You’re seriously comparing an award show to an article on a website? Alright.

UltraNova592d ago


The point was, people are people...

Broaden your mind a little bit...

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Obscure_Observer593d ago

Richard said years back that the Xbox One X could beat a GTX1070 and even give a GTX1080 a run for its money in a few cases.

He was right!

Stadia were supossed to destroy both PS5 and SX with its 10+TF. Couldn´t even beat the X! I mean, 6TF vs 10+TF?!

Impressive! Can only dream what both PS5 and SX will capable of.

AngelicIceDiamond592d ago

I've said this a month ago. Because it happened when Sony announced PS4 in 2013. When you announce your console before anyone else you instantly get the attention. Articles, YT vids, discussion threads etc overall awareness. This site alone was trafficking PS4 stuff 24/7 for 3 months straight. If you're Sony fan you were in paradise (if you're a fanboy you're in heaven) so whenever this happens publications want to write more about Sony, MS Nintendo whoever than any other console manufacture why? Because journalists, YTubers writers, blogs etc want to make money, they go where the money's at. That's why they always contact Phil for an interviews every day (Swear Ryan Mcaffrey has him on speed dial) they make money. Good content depends on the manufacturer and how they announce their console. MS had all the wrong press but journalists still need money so they report on it and spread it around, doesn't matter good or bad press they need to make a living. Meanwhile Sony had nothing but good things from their end. At that point journalists will sell you the console to buy.

No conspiracy its just The new Xbox is something to write about right now.

Sophisticated_Chap592d ago

Or just maybe they know what they're talking about.

TK-66592d ago

A next-gen system just got a big reveal and you want journalists to not talk about it?

gangsta_red592d ago

When Cerny was discussing PS5 specs this site was over run with the excitement of rumors, news and the speculation stories from every website and rightly so...

MS reveals their console and now it's too much news, websites are on the payroll, people are getting "over excited".

It's mind boggling some times.

King_Noctis592d ago

So any publication who cover the Xbox SX or MS in general are just fishing for “exclusive Xbox reveal”?

Jesus, this site. You can’t have any kind of Xbox article without delusional conspiracy theories like these.

Gazondaily592d ago

Lmao I know right! The insecurity over power is real!

592d ago
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Jin_Sakai593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

“With that in mind, Series X - and almost certainly PS5 - are built on a foundation of optimism and confidence this time around. There is no compromise in CPU performance in the next-gen design“

This is what I’m most excited for along with the new NVMe SSD. We’re really going to be in for a treat with next generation consoles.

“Microsoft has developed a console GPU that is more performant and more feature-rich than any Navi part AMD has shipped in 2019“

Xbox Series X GPU is based on the 2020 Navi with hardware RT so I’d expect that to be true.

The_Sage592d ago

I have never seen the word performant before.

porkChop592d ago

Yeah Richard and John both love using fancy words like that. I don't know why, but that's their style.

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sampsonon593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

Xbox Series X rewrites console design? it's a box lol

rainslacker593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

NEC PC-FX had a tower box before MS ever had any stake in the console market. That was during the Sega Saturn gen

It wasnt as sleek, but somewhat common of tower designs of the time

darthv72593d ago

Dont forget about the X68000. It too was a tall drink of water.

rainslacker593d ago

Yeah. Although it could also be a regular PC. It was a pretty capable game machine though compared to open PCs of the time

isarai593d ago

It's two gamecubes stacked together

SyntheticForm593d ago

Well, I don't know that they've necessarily rewritten the rules of console design, but they've definitely deviated from the conventions of console design in a radical way.

Yes, the shape is a simple tall box, but it's decidedly tower-like resembling a PC tower, and not pressed like consoles usually are. Consoles have been flat since the earliest models like the early Atari models.

This is very different and nobody expected it.

592d ago
ScootaKuH592d ago

But this time it's a vertical box. The innovation astound me! 😏

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Father__Merrin593d ago

Eurogamer have always been Microsofts dogs. Everything about xbox can do no wrong, I simply can't wait to see how Ps5 vs xbox sx play out and to read eurogamers reaction if any

ReadyPlayer22593d ago

What?? They absolutely chastised Microsoft for delivering an underpowered Xbox One versus PS4. Hell, up until the Xbox One X release, they encouraged people to buy multiplatform games on PS4 since they performed better.

Gazondaily593d ago

That revisionist history eh?

You're absolutely right. People are getting their excuses in because of the perception that MS might outdo Sony in the next gen console battle in terms of power.

THC CELL593d ago

With or without power Sony won and its proven xbox is the most powerful out right now

Septic needs to get of the sinking ship he like the captain of the titanic

rainslacker593d ago

Eurogamer itself was never that bad. Digital foundary were pretty bad about it last gen, but since being purchased by eurogamer they've moved more towards the center.

gangsta_red593d ago

Digital Foundry were never "pretty bad" as they reported what was actually there with proof of their findings for all to see.

There was a time when this site waited on pins and needles to see what digital foundry had to say about the performance of a game and how it compared on different consoles.

rainslacker593d ago (Edited 593d ago )


You mean obsessing about some blades of grass wasn't "pretty bad"? Sorry, but DF used to be one of the biggest Xbox fan boy sites on the internet. They got significantly better since EG brought them, and if I had to guess, it's likely due to having an editor that actually has a standard, and a modicum of journalistic integrity and ethics.

And the only people I ever saw waiting on pins and needles on this site were the Xbox guys, who were more than ready to claim the victory of the 360.

The whole thing is really a great show of why clickbait has become such a big thing nowadays. Since they've become more moderate, no one waits on pins and needles anymore. It's there, and sometimes it causes a ruckus, but it's been a long while since I've seen people say, "Lets wait for the DF analysis", and when I do, it's usually because of some crappy YouTube comparison, or gamingbolt article decides to make a click bait comparison.

gangsta_red592d ago

"Sorry, but DF used to be one of the biggest Xbox fan boy sites on the internet."

That revisionist history is at it again.

DF was never bias and just reported what they saw, it was just unfortunate that "sometimes" the 360 came out on top because of how hard it was to develope games on Sonys cell architecture but does that make them a Xbox fanboy site?

Let's not even talk about the beginning of this gen when they would report how the PS4 had better frame rates than the Xbox One or the 900p vs 1080p resolutiongatr they would constantly have on display.

But let me guess, this was around the time they got significantly better right? When the PS guys started to claim victory.

"...but it's been a long while since I've seen people say, "Lets wait for the DF analysis","

That's because developers have been doing a lot better job bringing parity to all versions of their game due to more experience with the hardware.

rainslacker592d ago

Revisionist history? So, blades of grass wasn't a meme last gen because people thought DF was being paid under the table by MS?

They reported what they saw, but they over obsessed on things that didn't matter, and never gave credit where it was due. Their comparisons seemed to nitpick over things, while ignoring other things to make sure that the 360 had the upper hand at every turn.

When EG brought them, it was like an immediate turn around on how they approached their articles, and this gen, they've been pretty good about keeping things moderate.

"That's because developers have been doing a lot better job bringing parity to all versions of their game due to more experience with the hardware."

No, it's because for several years, MS didn't have the upper hand, so Xbox gamers stopped caring. They were the only ones that waited for those articles. All of a sudden, every criticism of DF from the past gen was thrown back at Sony gamers who called them biased. You know the spiel, and please spare me the ignorant reply acting like you don't know this constant back and forth.

Then of course, the X1X came around, but DF was being more fair, so nothing to look forward to really....until we get "soupy" textures of course. Then every Xbox fan boy and their mother found a new word for their 3rd grade vocabulary, and DF was good again...until they started being moderate again, then no one cares anymore.

So, not I'm not revising anything. You just want to avoid holding them, or yourself accountable.

gangsta_red592d ago

"Their comparisons seemed to nitpick over things, while ignoring other things to make sure that the 360 had the upper hand at every turn."

Proof Rainslacker, how about you provide proof that they ignored "OTHER THINGS" to make sure the 360 had the upper hand.

So resolution gate wasn't a thing at the beginning of this gen? How about crushed blacks and frame drops, should we also accuse DF of being one of the biggest Sony fan sites because of that?

Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

It's always amazing to me to see how biased and paid off websites are when they're complimenting MS and Xbox but then become fair and honest when they're celebrating Sony and PlayStation.

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Wontime1593d ago

Wow, so what then, any optimism towards the console makes them "Microsoft dogs"?

yomfweeee593d ago

Well if they want to be impartial they shouldn't be writing articles like this. Don't call their upcoming system extraordinary when they don't know the details of it or the PS5.

They should stick to facts.

King_Noctis592d ago


Wait a minute, there are facts lots of facts in this article. Have you actually read it at all?

SyntheticForm593d ago

@Father and Rain

Eurogamer have always been objective and they've always reported the facts. They've always supported their findings with actual tangible analysis, and they've broken down that analysis in a way that laymen could understand to the best of their ability. If one machine performs better than another, and you can't take it, that's your problem. I've seen the findings go both ways over the span of the two gens I've deferred to them.

Digital Foundry are the undisputed kings of software (and some would say hardware as well) analysis. They've always done a great job with their analyses, and I expect they'll continue to do so going forward.

rainslacker592d ago

I have no problem with EG. It was DF last gen that went above and beyond last gen to find things which were pointless to give the win to an xbox version of a game. My comment talked about their past, and their present, and they are like two different sites.

I never had a problem with how DF conducted their analysis, only their conclusions in the articles about it. Since EG brought them, they've been a lot better.

King_Noctis592d ago

We have another conspiracy theorist. Can’t wait for you to say the same thing once Eurogamer covers the PS5 after its official reveal.

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