Did Ubisoft hit breaking point in 2019?

With a growing number of popular franchises under its belt, Ubisoft has continued to entrench itself as one of the industry’s powerhouse publishers, but it’s also one that is never afraid to take risks (in the form of both Uplay+ and its commitment to Google Stadia). That said, 2019 has been a challenging year for Ubisoft, ultimately forcing the company to rethink its future leading into next year.

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Shezgear67d ago

Give me chaos theory remake please

RosweeSon67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Ubisoft been broken since they released that assassins creed that was broken and wouldn’t work without a day1 patch. They been cash grab for solid 5 years assassins far cry all became yearly churned 4/5 versions special editions etc multiple story missions ripped from main games and sold separately. 😑😑👎 27995; same as EA they got the resources to make some of the best games yet year after year they consistently release 7-8/10 games never solid 9 or 10/10s