GamerTM: Mirror's Edge Review

GamerTM writes: "The title Mirror's Edge refers to the grey area between the old and the new, the powerful and the powerless, the respectable and the corrupt. It's the metaphorical space occupied by heroine Faith and her band of back-stabby Runner colleagues as they vault across rooftops and through buildings and sewers, trafficking underground information across the city. But in descriptive terms, the 'mirror's edge' might as well be the cusp between greatness and sheer frustration on which EA's bold new experiment balances. For not only is DICE's game original, empowering, breathtaking and exhilarating, but it is also hackneyed, frustratingly designed, sometimes bland and unremarkably plotted. However, before we get bogged down in negativity and overlook the many, many great things the developer has done here, we'd like you to ask yourself a few questions."

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