In Defense Of Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is ten years old today, which means that 2019 is officially running out of ways to remind us of our mortality. It was a controversial entry in the Final Fantasy series, shifting the series’ usual approach to combat and ditching old traditions to tell a techno-thriller story starring deeply flawed heroes. To this day, fans react dramatically at its very mention. Looking back a decade later reveals a game with scars, but one which also deserves a critical reassessment.

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TeamIcoFan59d ago

Of course, Final Fantasy XV dropped, it's now the spawn of satan, and FF13 shall get the "It's an underrated classic!" treatment.
Only to rinse and repeat when Final Fantasy XVI drops. The toxic part of the fanbase will hate it and attack anyone who dares like it, then claim that Final Fantasy XV is an underrated classic...

MeteorPanda59d ago

not the right approach to this..

think of it more as the people who genuinely liked the game got drowned out due to the large bandwagon - no one wanted to hear them. now that the bandwagons dragged it's ass away the fans of the game finally can speak out. It happens everywhere. I actually loved and platinumed ffxiii -2, was hard to find a community for the game that wasnt filled with toxic shit

Case in point that fucking trash game Zelda: breath of the wild.

Spenok59d ago

Good God this... so much this.

Shiken59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I agree with everything you said, except for the BotW comment. It was a masterpiece and deserved the praise it got. Not sure how that even fits in outaide of a random jab at a Nintendo game.

In any case, I felt XIII was ok and XIII - 2 was great. Never played Lightning Returns.

rainslacker58d ago

Well....give it enough time and those people who wanted to bandwagon will be in here trying to drown out anyone who may now be trying to say something good about it.

KaaF59d ago

Funny theory, "nah, it's not because 13 and 15 are bad, it's because part the fanbase just happened to be toxic", what a coincidence that that "toxic" part of the fanbase magically became huge when 13 was released.

Let me propose a more plausible theory to explain the fanbase reaction: "13 sucked and 15 sucked more", no magic needed.

nommers59d ago

Huge on the island forums separated by the rest of civilization you mean.

Better theory supported by over 20 years of lovely commentary: the ff fan base has been garbage full of whiny complainers. It’s like if I were to have a beer at a bar to have a good time and relax they’d just have to chime in with their non sequitur bs like it was their civic duty. Like stfu for 10 minutes.

Xaevi59d ago

I really wanna try these out, surprised they never released a collection for the PS4. I mean how bad can they actually be? People tend to exaggerate

NecrumOddBoy59d ago

I played Part 1 and it is bad.

I did hear it the 3rd part is good though the damage was done.

rpvenom59d ago

I personally really enjoyed this game. Whereas my bestfriend disliked it lol..

Teflon0259d ago

I actually really liked 13, 13-2 was okay, and lightning returns was good gameplay wise, but I was lost with the story. but I blame that mostly on 13-2 and it's multiple endings. I never seen a ending that leads to lightning returns beginning or situations for the most part so it seemed pretty out of no where. I will note. FFXIII is the only of the 3 that feel like Final Fantasy Quality, as in it is alot smoother and you can feel that it's a big budget game. The other 2 feel alot smaller budget wise and also aren't as smooth. Atleast on PS and Xbox. On PC, I was able to run 4k 60 on lightning without much issue on a 1060. But 13 had alot of issues holding it. WHen I got my 1080 it basically Brute forced the bad optimization and runs pretty much 60.
Just understanding the base concepts and learning the battle system on a deeper level takes a while as they introduce everything over time

gangsta_red59d ago

13 got guud in the 3rd act when it opened up the world. 13-2 I really enjoyed with all of it's time travel, 13-3 was complete garbage that I couldn't even finish.

Elda59d ago

It's my top favorite FF game right next to FFX & I've played most FF games going back to the NES days. I like the characters Lightning,Sazh & Fang,I like the production,graphics,battle system & the beautiful soundtrack.

FinalAeonX59d ago

I love X, but XIII eh.

VII and X always resonated with me the most. IX was up there too.

Germ_the_Nobody59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I've never understood the hate. The world and story is great. It's far better than FFXV.

Shiken59d ago

The story in XV was not so much bad, as it was badly told IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.