Creative Director and Brand Director of Rainbow Six Siege are leaving

Rainbow Six Siege is getting some new leadership, as core members of the team such as Creative Director Xavier Marquis and Brand Director Alexandre Remy are departing to work on a new project at Ubisoft.

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Jimboms62d ago

I think it speaks volumes that they weren't the leads with the latest update.

Spenok61d ago

I've not been following Siege... was this new update good or bad?

SpaceRanger62d ago

I’ve played the heck out of Siege this gen! Hoping the future brings more games that are built and supported in a similar manner.

Hungryalpaca62d ago

I’d rather an actual rainbow 6 game instead of a skins store.

ssj2762d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Come to Guerrilla Games and help to make the next Socom best possible please! And soon after
a new Killzone

CaptainFaisal62d ago

Hate to break it to you, but Socom is gone. Not only that, but Sony shut down Zipper Interactive the guys who worked on Socom.

Spenok61d ago

Yes, Sony shut down Zipper, but Sony also said they don't entirely retire franchises. More or less giving hope they'll eventually bring back the ones we love.

Also, there was a rumor GG was working on a new Socom recently.