The Bender Podcast - Episode 02: Left 4 Dead, VGXPO, eBay, Consoles going away?

Left 4 Dead talk, Microsoft and Blizzard, bannings, Wildtagent boss is a tard, Rare rules, and is Craigslist better than eBay!? Oh yeah, we are all going to VGXPO at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, come meet us up!

Show Notes:

What we have been playing: Mirrors Edge Demo (Xbox 360), Left 4 Dead Demo (Xbox 360), Mirrors Edge Demo (PS3), Tetris Splash (Xbox 360), Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360), Rock Band (Xbox 360), Soulcalibur IV (Xbox 360), Oblivion (PS3), The Sims (PC)

Left 4 Dead not coming to the PS3. Again. For the last time.

VGXPO - Philly Area - Let us know if you are coming!

Wrath of the Lich King released

Study shows that playing violent games fucks with your sleep

Microsoft bans users

Blizzard bans users

Alex St. John is a dumbshit

Sony talk, for real, no fanboy shit.

Lord British leaves NCSoft

Rare WILL Fix the itty bitty text

ebay sucks now, is Craigslist the answer ??

Star Trek the reboot.

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Pennywise3652d ago

Bender the OCD ADD Blogger!!

360/PS3 fan rants should be banned. This article is a joke. Reported.

PacoDG3652d ago

What fan rant are you talking about?

Pennywise3652d ago

Left 4 Dead not coming to the PS3. Again. For the last time.

Sony talk, for real, no fanboy sh**.

Ok, we cant use "fanboy" or curses in our posts, but you can carry on with crap like this in a news article? I can tell its a rant by the games you are playing. Get up to date with the PS3, quit being so blinded by brand loyalty.

Just from reading the contents of this BLOGcast, I dont want to hear it and I definitely dont respect any opinions from this dude. Just from the post it reminds me of pp. Act like Michael and BEAT IT.

PacoDG3652d ago

I can't believe I'm furthering this retardedness on your part, however, you have no clue what you are talking about.

The Left 4 Dead issue coming to the PS3 has been talked about over and over again forever (thus the "Again. For the last time" remark).

And the Sony talk says just that, it is Sony talk without any fanboy talk behind it.

Now please keep your "Open Zone" posts out of the "Gamer Zone" post section next time, thanks.

Pennywise3652d ago

Cant take the heat, get out the kitchen. I am criticizing you I guess... From your posts, this is your baby...

Curse and Rant and it is approved. I have nothing more to say about this besides, shame on you N4G approvers.

Mr_Bun3652d ago

My favorite part is when you told Pennywise to take it to the "open zone" after you refer to his comment being a form of "retardedness"...Bra vo

PacoDG3652d ago

I resorted to no personal attacks, his statements were of the retarded nature (by definition). He is now just on my ignore list. But yes, I applaud myself as well, thank you.

Pennywise3652d ago

Another ignore by a N4G blog poster. My feelings are hurt.

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