EA Going After the Wii Fit Crowd

"Earlier in the year Wii Fit took the world by storm as thousands lined up to get their chance to do a little yoga, pound out a few push-ups and be criticized by their Wii for being to fat or not exercising enough. For most, the Wii Balance Board was quickly shoved into a corner of the room left to collect dust once users realized that Wii Fit was all about balance and coordination rather than weight loss and strength training. Now EA is throwing their hat into the ring, announcing their very own fitness game in the upcoming EA Sports Active, complete with their own accessories."

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italianbreadman3624d ago

This Wii Fit craze is crazy. I almost can't believe it. Resellers are buying up 50 and 100 of them at a time at 96 dollars apiece and then reselling them for 150!!

cain1413624d ago

I don't know one person that owns it though lol...

Lukatoll3623d ago

I though wii fit looked cool at first. But i'm getting tired of all these new Wii peripherals and money-making ideas. Lets have 1 controller and more core games.

Right now, i'm only playing my 360.