The Game Deflators E58 | Will the New Xbox be $600?

There is a lot of activity in the world of gaming! This week on the Game Deflators #podcast John and Ryan discuss games shows at Sony's State of Play, Upcoming D&D #videogames and are you kidding!?!?! The Xbox could be $600?

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darthv72274d ago

I could only see it going for $600 in a bundle deal IF it included a full year of Game Pass Ultimate. That would be a big selling point to newcomers as not only do they get the top of the line X but also the plethora of games to play right off the bat.

For just the system as it is... $500.

Sitdown274d ago

For $600 it better come with a year of game pass, and the elite 2 controller. I would hope Microsoft doesn't have that level of arrogance/ignorance.

TheGameDeflators272d ago

A few articles have mentioned a controller could be excluded 😂

bluefox755274d ago

That would be idiotic of them to price it at $600, I doubt it.

TheGameDeflators272d ago

Actually a lot of signs point to yes given the hardware. One note we made in the episode was if it's priced at $600, do yourself a favor and buy a PC