No New Nintendo Console Coming Soon

If you're holding off on purchasing a Wii or DS in preparation for Nintendo unveiling some magical new console or handheld system next year that replaces both, think again. They're content sticking with both for the near future.

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EvilCackle3626d ago

I guess this is sort of a no-brainer, eh? Why replace the Wii or DS when both are making a killing.

The Matrix3626d ago

What??! This is horrible news. I've been waiting to play cooking mama in HD.

kunit22c3626d ago

this is B.S. seriously no new DS? umm how about Nintendo DSi. seriously they are making me think they are just tricking us by saying this, they say no new DS but the DSi just came out in Japan and hasnt come out in America yet. yet the next wii will come out and this site will be like "no we said no NEW system; this is the wii just upgraded its not new, you have to read carefuly" seriously thats practicaly what they're saying when a new DS is already announced.

EvilCackle3626d ago

Well, according to Nintendo, the DSi isn't a replacement for the DS so much as it's a different version. It's not their next generation handheld, in other words.

ChickeyCantor3626d ago

I say good,
Because i think they should just pump the sh/t out of the Wii and make it worth the 250.

Eventually when sells slow down they will smash a new console in our face..

EvilCackle3626d ago

"pump the sh/t out of the Wii and make it worth the 250."

I guess the question remains: how are they going to do that, exactly?

ChickeyCantor3626d ago

Are we forgetting the large library of the PS2? wich is still solid?
No matter how outdated those graphics are?

They could still make lots of quality games for the Wii.
It's not impossible. And i do believe we will have them, Wii started out like the DS and eventually grows to become like the DS.
DS has a huge library of "core" games.

EvilCackle3626d ago

True enough. It does have a unique share of the market, too. Until some other, better console comes out with similar peripheral support, there's no reason to push out a Wii 2 (Super Wii?).

ChickeyCantor3626d ago

I'm not kidding, Super Wii would be an awesome name for it....
It would be NES / SNES all over again.

EvilCackle3626d ago

True. Still, it would be funny for them to use another strange word that everyone mocks until it becomes a household name.

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Danja3626d ago

If Nintendo was suppose to release another Wii next year they would have just shot themselevs in the balls...

Cuz then they would have to come out with a superior graphical console to the Wii..which would be more Expensive than the Wii...and consumers most likely would just skip it..

ne who...They can just keep pumping out...Wii Music sequels...we all see how big that game is...could be the next Rockband or

Foxgod3626d ago

uh oh, when rumors like this start, it usually means the opposite will happen.

I dont want a new DS or Wii yet.

blvdnights14143625d ago

if it ain't broke don't fix it