Woman, Thy Name Is Sparrow

Chella Ramanan of GiN writes:

"While all and sundry seem to be getting their knickers in a twist over the new WoW expansion, I've been in the world of Fable II -- and what a lovely world it is too. This Fable is bigger and better than ever. Now we have a dog, more job opportunities – still no welfare state, but you can't have everything – and the chance to play a female protagonist. What more could we ask for?

It was welcome news when Lionhead announced that they would be including a female character in the new Fable. Even the most basic games offer a choice of gender and in a game that is all about choice, it seemed like a major oversight. However, reparations have been made and now we get to play male Sparrow or female er…Sparrow. This is the first indication that something could be amiss.

Fable never started you off in a dress-up box, like your average RPG. There's no sliding bar for the width of your nose or the height of your forehead, balanced with hair and skin colour and the shape of your eyes. Forget all that cosmetic tinkering, instead, when you load up Fable you get what you're given and it's mainly your actions that shape the look of the in-game character you eventually become.

I was only faintly surprised when I played through the beginning of Fable II as both a girl and a boy and was popped into barely distinguishable bodies. To say the female Sparrow is a 'tomboy' is an understatement and offers nothing female to the role. Admittedly, I'm not very far into the game, but up to this point, I'm a little disappointed with the female character."

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