Eurogamer: Shaun White Snowboarding Review

Eurogamer: "Let's at least end with something nice, since I've been so mean for all of this review. A substantial amount of time and money has clearly been spent acquiring all the tracks that make up the game's music, which is a nice mix of pop old and new, a bit of soul, dance, some classic rock and plenty of grunge that brings to mind the excellent Project Gotham Racing soundtracks. Though come to think of it, PGR lets you sort the music by genre, strip individual tracks from the playlist or listen to your own music, none of which Shaun White Waterboarding quite manages. Oh, snap."

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Erotic Sheep3628d ago

Rofl.. Release a new SSX already, atleast thats a good snowboarding game

snow4life3628d ago

even 4 is to high of a score in my book.......
i to was hopeing for a more skate(the game) flow in the controls/style, and its all a downer!!

thank god its a slope open 30min from my house so i can go snowboarding for real :

LostChild3628d ago

I couldn't decide between this or Stoked. I miss the SSX days.

BlackRaven853628d ago

Get Stoked as a rent first, I say that because not everyone will like it and it'll give you a feel for the game.