Modern Warfare Shipment & Vacant Classic Maps Out Tomorrow, Check Out This Trailer

Those looking forward to the Modern Warfare Shipment map release date as well as the one for Vacant, it's confirmed now that it's due tomorrow, Dec.18!

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Jimboms489d ago

Ooooh! Is it time for me to get this yet?

Majin-vegeta489d ago

I say wait a bit longer. Still has some major problems

Dirtnapstor489d ago

Like what? Other than what a string of YouTubers complain about.... which is nonsense.

Thump1967488d ago

Yes there issues but at least there regularly and the free content is crazy

excaliburps488d ago

Depends. If you're OK with the slow and camping meta, spawns being crazy broken (even by COD standards), enemy visibility issues, maps not being up to par with past CODs, then yes.

Gunplay is good, post-launch content support is fantastic, audio design (except for the VTOL and footsteps being crazy loud) are good.

For me, there are far more cons than pros right now, but if you can tolerate those cons, then yes.

Salooh488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Compared to the releases after Black ops1, this game is a huge improvement.

Compared to COD4 and MW2. This is still a let down. The pros are awesome, but many of the cons are ruining the experience like the spawn,mini map,camping,claymore stuff,map designs..

This studio should be a bit proud, they managed to gain my interest and support for cod, but really they need to balance the game to keep me loyal and positive.

Releasing these old maps are a good step..

yoshatabi488d ago

omfg. Just make new maps instead recycling old ones. It's annoying. I already seen this maps and experienced them. Lazy ass devs

jjb1981488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

When will they bring out WMD? I loved that map. I know it's from Black Ops but come on maaaaaaaan.