Zelda: Breath of the Wild studio continues recruitment drive

Co-developer Monolith Soft expanding for new instalment.

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TheScotsman281d ago

Still a long way off me thinks, whatever it is

Segata281d ago

They are re-using the map and engine. Seems more of a Majoras Mask situation.

zacfoldor281d ago

I want my Xenoblade Chronicles remake please.

Zeldafan64281d ago

I doubt Monolith Soft is working on that.

Segata281d ago

They probably are. They have 3 studios. Main studio works on Xenoblade. A smaller studio in Kyoto that works on Mario Kart/Zelda etc

Kabaneri281d ago

Hire some voice actors for the NPCs this isnt a DS game.

Lighter9281d ago

Can't believe someone downvoted you. It's almost 2020. Nintendo needs to get with the program already.