WATCH: Dreams Sonic The Hedgehog level is almost as good as the real thing - GameRevolution

An innovative fan has created a Dreams Sonic The Hedgehog game using Media Molecule's game creation engine released on the PS4.

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hanko1461d ago

wow so have alot of other people. there is not alot praise for them(except youtube). what makes this so special, its just like any other fan game. is it because its on playstation...hahah typical

hanko1461d ago (Edited 61d ago )

yes, until you or someone shows me a sonic fan game from n4g from pc etc.

phoenixwing61d ago

no it's not just a playstation thing. whenever a fan made sonic game/level is made and it's decent enough it usually is news on N4G. But yeah you just go ahead and believe it's playstation bias and the world is flat too.

hanko1461d ago

so you saying this game can be played on pc, xbox etc.? and i explain my point about the other fan games. so show me sonic fan game news etc. from n4g

phoenixwing61d ago


I'm not saying this particular fan made project can be played on pc or xbox but similar projects for other devices have been talked about hence my comment further down with the proof.

phoenixwing61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

there you go fan made sonic game for dso/pc and others. all you have to do is type in "sonic fan" in the search bar and you'll come up with tons of sonic pc fan made levels and games from n4g articles. That crow i just served you i hope it tastes good. Do a little research yourself before opening your mouth. Also, those links i found on the first page of my search i didn't even have to dig for them. But you go ahead and blame playstation and sony for all your ills fanboy.

Wasabi61d ago

Wow, That's very impressive.

djmindz61d ago

wow he even got the clunky movement right

61d ago
SegaGamer61d ago

These 3D Sonic fan projects very rarely go anywhere.