The next-generation Xbox has a much simpler name than you might think: It's actually just 'Xbox'

Microsoft is making a huge change with its next-generation Xbox: It's rebranding the console as simply "Xbox," with specific models like Series X.

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Christopher1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Since you people "really" want this to be true, let's have at it.

1. The console brand is called Xbox. Some guy saying you can just call it that doesn't make it what it is or change what it is.

2. If the product was just called Xbox, then why was it called Xbox Series X on stage? Why not put the word "model" at all on that screen when it popped up?

3. If I go to the store to buy an Xbox, will they magically know which one is the one I want? Oh, I just mention the model name? Oh, you mean the name of the actual console?

This is PR speak and is stupid. It's a weird name, but it is the name of the next console. Want to relabel the name as "model name", fine, but it's also the name of the console itself. It doesn't change the fact that the name it will be referred to and will have on its box will be Xbox Series X.

Why people are eating this up rather than calling them out on trying to soften the name choice and how people react to it, I guess that's just modern day journalism where people just report what's happened and don't ask follow up questions like "Okay, I get what you're trying to say as far as a brand, but you do know people are going to always call it Xbox Series X and not just Xbox, right?"

Edit: And this isn't a huge change. They've always discussed Xbox as a brand for discussing what they offer and mentioned specific consoles for other things. It's just being "reinterpreted" as some huge change to soften the new name and how awkward it came off. It's a fine name, they'll definitely be talking more about Xbox Series X alongside Xbox.

Gazondaily1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

"Since you people "really" want this to be true, let's have at it"

But it is true?

"3. If I go to the store to buy an Xbox, will they magically know which one is the one I want? Oh, I just mention the model name? Oh, you mean the name of the actual console?"

It's like asking for a Samsung phone. The rep will ask which model. You ask for the latest and they'll mention the Galaxy S10 plus.

Maria: I want an Xbox
Rep: Which one?
Maria: The X series.

"This is PR speak and is stupid. It's a weird name, but it is the name of the next console"

Im confused here. Yeah the console that we've seen is part the X series. There will be other models next gen that call be part of another series, Y series, Z3 or whatever. No?

Wasabi1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )


I do believe I called this 3 days ago my good man...

***"What if the name of the rumoured Lockhart model is simply "Xbox" and the X Series moniker is a way to clearly identify the enthusiast level model from each generation of Xbox consoles?

This would make the naming of the the Series X and Xbox One X consistent and identifiable as the high end "X" models. Series S would be the mid generation slim revision, This would also make it simple to name a slim revision to the Series X, the XS"***

I'm not sure how to take the article, but this would be a similar naming convention as used by BMW, Tesla and Sony on some of its high end televisions.

People seem to think it's confusing, Apple customers don't seem to have an issue with the MacBook Pro simply being called the MacBook Pro regardless of year of manufacture and simply referring to the next Xbox as "Xbox" allow MS to do a complete reset and bring it back to basics whilst still keeping the Xbox One X relevent during the transition as part of last generations "X series".

Gazondaily1448d ago

Wasabi- yes sir, yes you did. I stand corrected.

Muzikguy1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

No. If you go to a store looking for a phone you don't say the company name and they give you the newest. That would still have a name. If one was to think the new Xbox is called Xbox then it's even a dumber name than I originally thought. There already is an "Xbox"

Si-Fly1448d ago

Who is Maria? And why isn’t she looking for a PS5?

UltraNova1448d ago

I don't get why we need to bother ourselves with the naming...MS made their choice, now they have to market it right to raise awareness and consumers will vote with their wallet as always.

Brave_Losers_Unite1447d ago

Septic.. The name is f****ng stupid. Like seriously.. It doesn't take a smart individual to name a damn console. Idk why they are terrible with naming consoles. The third console in and they decided to name it Xbox One? Really? Who the hell comes up with this bs is what I'd like to know

Christopher1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

***Yeah the console that we've seen is part the X series***

The same way there are different models of the "One" series of Xbox consoles. But we don't just refer to them as just Xbox, but Xbox One. And when we talk about specific consoles, we mention those specifically.

But slimming it down to us just referring to a specific model as just Xbox? We don't do that here unless we're talking about the brand or overall company group under Microsoft. Why would we change that moving forward?

It looks like Microsoft is moving to a more annual PC release namng convention. Which, honestly, might be very confusing in the long run.

Regardless, if you want to get people to refer to all your consoles by just the brand, you're asking for people to be confused shoppers when the right thing to do is call it by the name you want people to go out and buy. The ads never said "Pick up your One X today" because the brand is what helps sell it. But telling people to just "Pick up your Xbox today" is confusing. If you want to sell the Xbox Series X, you put that full title in the ad. And that's why this attempt to rename it doesn't make sense. Guarantee next holiday we'll be seeing "Xbox Series X" ads and not "Xbox" ads.

tontontam01447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

You sound like an xbox equivalent of an apple diehard fan.

umair_s511447d ago

I had seen this coming in 2014

conanlifts1447d ago

I think series X and series S or possibly series D ( digital only) .

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Kribwalker1448d ago

This generation they’ve always referred to it as Xbox One, last gen they referred to it as the Xbox 360, next gen it’s just gonna be the Xbox, but with different versions of it.
The series X will be their high end series, i imagine you’ll get X2 X3 etc, and the lockhart model will be series E or whatever they wanna call it, maybe a series D for a straight digital console.

That’s what i’m imagining it would be

Brave_Losers_Unite1447d ago

See, that would be smart, but I think whoever is naming the Xbox consoles should have been fired years ago and any average person would find a better name for the console

crazyCoconuts1447d ago

So should the Xbox One X be renamed to Xbox Series X1, and the new console is Xbox Series X2?

rainslacker1447d ago

In any given generation, when people talk about the console, using xbox in place of its generational moniker was generally understood by anyone having the discussion. Many also used the moniker, and again, people generally understood what the other person was talking about. I suspect next gen will be the same. I've not seen most people refer to this gen as "one" though. Nintendo and sega are the only ones who consistently had their console referred to by its console name, instead of the brand name...probably because they were very unique.

Christopher1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

The fact that didn't help at all should tell you something. What's a dot versus just the echo? I think echo show is the one with the screen, but is that what my grandson wanted? And is third gen the latest? How do I know that I'm getting the latest from the guy at Best Buy? Wait, my grandson mentioned listening to music on it at some point, does that mean in his car or maybe I can just get him that Echo Studio? What if he wants a specific color? Wait, does he want the echo flex?

crazyCoconuts1447d ago

The point I took from that is that even when products have confusing product names I still end up buying them lol

timotim1447d ago

Which explains why you guys are still confused about it haha.

And yet people find the right one they are looking for all the time! Do you hear stories on the interwebs of people buying the wrong ones in any significant amount? All that variety under the Echo name and it works out smoothly at retail...yet somehow we are suppose to believe that their will be an issue between two products for Xbox??? Especially when one is coming out in 2020 and the other will already be years old at that point...

rainslacker1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Why not point to the kindle. Was trying to figure that out to buy one, and there is no rhyme or reason without significant research.

In the end, I just brought the cheapest one.

timotim1447d ago


You bought the cheapest one because you simply wanted A Kindle 😂 thats not the same thing. Evidently it didn't matter which Kindle you bought, you were just looking at Kindle options to buy and went with the cheapest one. We are talking about people who go to retail specifically looking for an SX and comes out of the store with another Xbox due to confusion. First off, the commercials will be everywhere come holiday 2020 and the look of the box is distinctive enough vs 1X. You guys continue to reach when it comes to this new console because...reasons, yet no evidence is backing up your claims. Sure...if a person just wants A Xbox, they will most likely do the same thing you did and just buy the cheapest one...however, if they want the NEW Xbox, why would they be confused by any other???

Granny goes into retail store to buy their grandchild the latest iPhone...retail person hands them the previous years model...its not adding up haha.

Stanjara1447d ago

I don't know why so many dislikes. This is exactly the point.
I am not into echo, but if I wanted to buy one I would not know which one is the latest model from that list.

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OB1Biker1448d ago

I agree. I was wondering that the 'news' was. That they dropped the 'one' ? Not really news tbh . Maybe it's just bad reporting

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gravedigger1448d ago

Yep! So, it's an original Xbox, not a new Xbox. :D

Xbox 360
Xbox One

Wasabi1448d ago


***"Yep! So, it's an original Xbox, not a new Xbox. :D"***

I know... Imagine the confusion it's going to cause holiday 2020 when parents go shopping for little Tommy's Christmas present, ask for an Xbox and the retail assistant pulls out a console from 2001, almost 20 years ago...

rainslacker1447d ago

I'd say half life 3 confirmed...but I cant make it make any sense

sampsonon1448d ago

the PS5 is just called PS by this articles standards.
walk into a store "l'd like to buy ps please"

Wasabi1448d ago

***"the PS5 is just called PS by this articles standards"***

Ridiculous comparison, it's not a 'standard' that applies to every product from every company, it's a naming convention specified by a company that applies to THAT specific company's product.

1448d ago
rainslacker1447d ago

Obviously when they ask which one you want, you say you want the one that has the capability to do "series x", not just the capability to do "x" because the name is based on the capabilities of the console.

It's so clear I dont understand why people dont get it.

Anyhow, after a couple years it won't matter. It probably won't even matter on launch. There are a lot of stupid consumers out there, but they're going to certainly notice the price difference, and it's not like the x1x lit the world on fire among the consumers.