Gears Tactics Will Be Single-Player Only, Will Not Have Microtransactions

Rod Fergusson has revealed that Gears Tactics will be a fully single-player title without any microtransactions.

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Jimboms436d ago

Love the sound of no microtransactions.

Obscure_Observer436d ago

First, Age of Empires IV, and now, Gears Tactics!

So much for "focus on GaaS and MP only games". :/

KickSpinFilter436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

"Gears Tactics Will Be Single-Player Only, Will Not Have Microtransactions"
OH No!!!!
Another game that SirTrumpFlop - Failure and his Millennial account wont play due to being a one and done game. What is he going to do!!!!???!!!!

XabiDaChosenOne436d ago

If only Gears 5 applied to the new outlook :/

Prubar436d ago

Don’t forget the previous Halo Wars and future wasteland 3.

lelo2play436d ago

Love the sound of microtransactions.
Love throwing money away at things that have absolutely no value. /s

rpvenom436d ago

Again a perfect example of what happens when we continue to boycott and voice our opinions.. this is another W for gamers.. but another punch to those individuals who keep saying micro-transactions are needed..

gangsta_red436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

"It will be released for Xbox One and PC (via Steam) on April 28, 2020."

That is very good news. Game looks like ridiculous fun.

No MTs and on GP.... that's crazy!

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Ausbo435d ago

That’s technically wrong. It’s not coming to Xbox day one.


Ferguson confirmed its coming but not day one

spicelicka436d ago

"Gears Tactics will take place before the first Gears of War game and is being developed to offer around 40 hours of campaign gameplay."

Wow this is a full-fledged game that actually looks great! They really need to start marketing it more.

Shikoku436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

Well thats good news dont like that its on GP but its still good news means there us hope for the industry

King_Noctis435d ago

“ You have then own a craptastic PC or xbone no thanks.”

That was your comment on another article. So if you hate PC and Xbox, then what platform do you want them to release this game on?

....The Switch?

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The story is too old to be commented.