Gamerlimit Review: Call of Duty: World at War- Treyarch Surpises

Gamerlimit writes: "Everyone knows that the World War II shooter genre is played out more than Soulja Boy's lame opinion on anything gaming, but that didn't stop Treyarch from returning to the genre. Treyarch is last known for the huge disappointment known as Call of Duty 3. Well they have been given the reigns to the franchise again, hoping to redeem themselves by fixing their mistakes. Many took that as impossible when it was announced they would return to World War II after Infinity Ward brought modern combat to the series. Infinity Ward gave the franchise a much needed revitalization and breath of fresh air. The perks and prestige levels gave the played out first person shooter genre a RPG feel. Call of Duty 4 was a massive success and now Treyarch is looking to capitalize on that crowd."

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Good review as usual :D