In No Possible Universe Should Microsoft Make The Xbox Series X Cost $600

The Xbox One X is coming and at least one estimate thinks it will be $600. But there's no way Microsoft would make a mistake like that.

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Obscure_Observer449d ago

Yep, Phil already said that he wants the SX to be powerful and reasonable priced. I think $499.99 is a given.

SkatterBrain449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

S-$400 model 250gb ssd and 10gb ddr6 ram

Pro-$500 model 500gb ssd 12gb ddr6 ram

Elite-$600 1 terabyte ssd 16gb ddr6 ram overclocked cpu and liquid or Vapor Cooling

SkatterBrain449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

Since the box is big that helps bring the price down they can fit off the shelf components rather than spending the money to modify the chips to fit into a tiny system , im alright with that plan, i dont get why tablets are underpowered compared to phones though when thay have alot more space to fit components , i see android phones flying to the $1,400 price range but tablets at $600

CaptainHenry916449d ago

Microsoft better deliver some great exclusives for that price.

ActualWhiteMan449d ago

True story. I was a Scorpio edition purchaser, and it’s become my kids Fortnite machine.

sampsonon449d ago

But they have Games Pass? it's about the amount of games, not the quality anymore.

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mandingo448d ago

What a wast of money whiteman. I play mine everyday

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MasterCornholio449d ago

Any higher and they will have a really hard time competing.

rainslacker449d ago

I think that's the max price that any console maker should go for. Any more and the subconscious sees it being closer to a grand, as opposed to less than $500.

DaDrunkenJester449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

If its $599 then this may be the first console I'd be okay with for a couple reasons:

1. My GamePass Ultimate is paid for which means I already get Halo Infinite, Forza 8, and whatever other launch exclusives they have which saves me money.

2. I don't need to buy extra controllers since all my Xbox One controllers will work with it.

Obviously I'd like it at $499, but in this specific case I think I can justify the $599.

YEP414449d ago

I believe 600! The x was 500 and this 4x the power! 600-700 ! Microsoft is going with pricey parts ! Plus Microsoft go push for that payment plan model!

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TK-66449d ago

Depends on how powerful it is, and what its features are. I'm more than willing to be convinced to buy a system at that price, but they would have to come out guns blazing to prove its value.

strayanalog449d ago

Agreed, but we do live in a universe where Sony did this and Microsoft thought we all needed DRM on our consoles. Mistakes happen.
Considering how recent the mistake and backlash was in the Microsoft camp on Xbox One, both in pricing, Kinect bundled, and message, television and digital rights, this console will be priced at $499, as has been rumored for many months now. All that said, assuming no one drops the ball out of the gate, Generation 9 is going to be quite interesting.

alb1899449d ago

Considering that MS will give a lot of options to play their games I think it is ok 600 for the most powerful option.

crazyCoconuts449d ago

I agree. I keep expecting MS to target that niche instead of competing with Sony head on. X1X was kinda approaching niche, costing $100 more. Let's them continue to market themselves as the most powerful console at least

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