VideoGamer: CoD: World at War Review

The weight of expectation on Treyarch's shoulders must have been immense. Having seen CoD4 release to near unanimous praise and incredible sales, there must have been a few worried people inside the studio. The WWII shooter suddenly became incredibly dated, yet Treyarch was a year into development. Whether the sheer number of doubters spurred the team on or the extra development time just allowed them to make the game they were truly capable of doesn't matter. What matters is that Call of Duty World at War is a stunning game that doesn't miss a beat from start to finish and includes one of the most feature packed multiplayer components of any game released this year.

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Still on the fence with this one.

Even if its a slight improvement over COD4 it will be worth picking up sometime right?

butterfinger3629d ago

a slight improvement over COD4, but more like an update version of COD4 or an expansion. It's worth a rental, and the co-op is fun, but overall I'm glad I didn't drop $60 on it.

kosha3629d ago

And im enjoying it alot especially as i get to play coop with my mates. If your sick of WW2 games i would advise you dont buy it. If you liked cod4 and want more of the same with a few extras like coop i would buy it

butterfinger3628d ago

I totally agree with your advice:) The one thing I hope they retain from this game in future iterations is the co-op. COD has always been pretty much set up for co-op, but it took them a while to incorporate it.

4cough3629d ago

what ever you think abt COD [email protected], its best played on 360.

Amnesiac3629d ago

sweet bubble you got there

DA_SHREDDER3629d ago

Thats one less idiot to deal with online.

butterfinger3628d ago

Yeah, I guess now you won't have to get pwned quite as hard all the time.