No More Heroes 3 Logo Animation Looks Wildly Similar to Indie Studio's FX Logo

Neverlands based animation studio, Studio Plumeau, pointing out that the logo animation for No More Heroes 3: The Return resembles their FX animation.

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Spenok450d ago

I don't understand why devs need to steal from smaller people on things like this. Especially when it's becoming increasingly easy to call foul.

HawtSkull450d ago

From what I understand. Suda's studio got the animation off a store, so its really not them stealing anything. The person who put it up for sale is the one who stole the animation.

DaDrunkenJester450d ago

So basically their studio is lazy

SamPao450d ago

if you think studios do all animation by themselfs you have to overthink that :)

xebibe450d ago

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isarai450d ago

Or they both bought and used the same asset

masterfox450d ago

Nintendo: We need to reduce development cost, I mean is the Switch no effort needed for this thing.
Developer: No problemo!

porkChop450d ago

What does this have to do with Nintendo?

Segata450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

I'm amazed someone wakes up in the morning and chooses to be this stupid like masterfox.

TheRealTedCruz430d ago

It's because he literally doesn't know what to do with himself if not bashing a non-Sony company.

King_Noctis450d ago

Nintendo must have touched you in bad places when you were a child, judging from all your hate toward them even if it isn’t even about Nintendo.

masterfox450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

lol at the response of my comment, seriously guys is not like I'm attacking you lol, just chill and let's be friends :)

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Segata450d ago

Except that studio's logo was found to be an asset from another studio up for use.So this is a whole big lot of nothing.