Sons of the Forest Announced at The Game Awards

During The Game Awards this year, developers behind The Forest, Endnight Games, unveiled the upcoming sequel: Sons of the Forest.

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MeteorPanda891d ago

so excited. l loved forest, played if for so many hours with friends. My problem with it was it just felt the coding wasn't enough for all the new things they added. l believe this new game will put forth everything the devs have learnt and will a bloody hit.

Thundercat77890d ago

Can the Forest be played alone or do I need friends?

Giblet_Head890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

It can be played alone and it supports up to eight player coop.

MeteorPanda890d ago

whole other game when played alone.

Alone = micromanage base, ammo, repairs, food, also very creepy exploring caves

friends - YOLO lets trap different savages in a pit and see what beat we can get outta them - we're on a boat!

TheRealTedCruz890d ago

Great game. Definitely one of the Early Access success stories.

jbrock11890d ago

Looks great. Still remember the first time one of those creatures snuck up on me in the original and was just watching me build a hut. Scared the absolute sh*t out of me.

TheRealTedCruz890d ago

One of a very small handful of games that actually puts me on edge. I'm not easy to scare but, it's now pitch black night in the game, I'm sneaking around, slowly grabbing resources, I think I then hear crackling at a distance .... then nothing. All of a sudden "hehehaaheeha" OH F***K!

jbrock11890d ago

The moment I was talking about was broad daylight and it still scared the sh*t out of me, lol.