Street Fighter IV National Tournament

Digital Frontier Plus writes:
"On November 3rd, Forgenjuro and I slid into the Street Fighter IV National Tournament at the Shinagawa Inner City Hall in Tokyo with press passes! (Jeah!) The SFIV competition was off the meter! I knew Dhalism was good but he's Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 GOOD in SFIV! Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom staff dropped a couple of new character announcements for the Wii release. Viewtiful Joe being the most exciting addition to an already impressive roster and Fate Unlimited Code, the anime based fighter along SFIV were all on free play! And of course the Capcom SFIV models for Chun-Li, Sakura, and C.Viper made an appearance!"

More event impressions and pics after the jump.

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Swiftfox3627d ago

Dhalsims teleport cross-up is nasty. I think it's because the opponent takes awhile to turn around alowing Dhalsim to hit cross-up fashion. Also becuase he has very little use for EX moves he can store his super up also, which can be combo'd if the cross-up happens.

Although I was suprised that I did not see Abel, Rufus, or Sagat. Those three are really dominating the arcades arcoss Japan.

Oh on another note: Didn't know you could do hit with Raging Demon while the opponent was getting up. It might have been perfectly timed, or maybe Ryu's counter Dragon Punch didn't go off. Still seems nasty.

Tacki3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Yeah that guy was a really great Dhalsim. In fact it's the first video I've seen of a good Dhalsim player. The key seems to be getting in on him though. His range is so good... you've really got to cut that off and get next to him if you hope to do much. Like you said, Abel, Rufus and Sagat are used pretty heavily. Rufus' EX Messiah Kick is ridiculous! Though I've heard the most complaints about Zangief being 'cheap'. Whether or not there's a such thing... he's definitely been beefed up and has an advantage over alot of characters. Sagat, however, is supposed to be able to punish him pretty badly. I just wonder if noobs will flock to Zangief now that he's apparently... uh... user-friendly.

lokiroo4203627d ago

This games is going to sell like no other, its been a long time coming!