Interview with Beat Games CEO about Facebook, and the future of virtual reality

Sector talked with Vladimir Hrincar, CEO of Beat Games, about their success, Facebook, new 360° mode on Oculus Quest, and the future of VR.

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Wasabi44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I bought an Oculus Quest over the weekend (initially purchased a Rift S but returned it after discovering the amazing Oculus Link feature on Quest), I have to say that VR is really immersive and has come a hell of a long way since Dactyl Nightmare in the early 90's.

I think that Wireless VR without satellites is "a" future of gaming, the freedom afforded by the quest is absolutely huge even if the unit is only powered by a Snapdragon 835, when coupled with Oculus Link the experience is amazing - IMHO all that is needed for wide scale adoption is a way to transmit wirelessly without lag and without compromising image quality.

Last week, I argued sales numbers on VR in light of Phil Spencer's comments, but after spending some quality time with Quest and PC VR - I honestly think it's amazing.