The State of Video Game Cover Art

Nidzumi Writes: Cover art for a music album or possibly even a DVD is often held in the highest regard. Many covers for albums are preserved as works of art instead of simply trying to sell you a product. From large vinyl art works to smaller Digipak cases, the cover for an album is almost as important as the music it's self. Meanwhile if you look at art for the front of video games you see a different picture. Normally publishers are just trying to sell you on the product by promoting violence or by showing action shots of everything even if the game is deeper than that. The truth is that if you delve through the masses of discardable covers you can actually find some pretty interesting and great graphic work.

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The Matrix3651d ago

Cover art is a very important advertising aspect of the video game.

-GametimeUK-3651d ago

Is very stylish and artistic... I think it is one of the best covers this gen if im going to be blunt