October NPD Numbers: What Recession?

Though more than one CEO has cited an October retail slowdown in recent investor conference calls, such a slowdown happily does not seem to have afflicted the U.S. video game industry sales as a whole. Today, the NPD reports that game industry sales actually increased 18% year-over-year to $1.31 billion.

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Arsenal4Ever3628d ago

215k not bad for 4 days. I think this game will be one of those games that stays in the charts like Wii sports. I may be wrong but its an opinion.

I predict it will sell alot after a while.

Media Molecule have made approximately $12.9 million dollars in 4 days. For a game made by 30 people it's not too bad.

CEO OF N4G3628d ago

yh right,do not be in denial.Me and u know a game like LBP that was hyped as a ground breaking game that will take on mario u would expect it to sell alot more.No amount of spining can change the fact,LBP is not the big hit fan boys tought it would be.If that is the case why did ms sell over 300k consoles and sony sold just over 100k.Would u not think that LBP will have a big impact of ps3 sales without the help OF A BUNDLE......

Dragunov3628d ago

People can't see a masterpiece, no news here. Remember ICO, SOTC, Okami? More people in gaming = more retards

If you want trolling >>>>>>> this way, if not STFU