Incredible Technologies Interview: Target Toss Pro Bags - WiiWare World

An extract from an interview with WiiWare World about Target Toss Pro Bags:

"WiiWare World: Can you tell us a bit more about Incredible Technologies. You are not known for making console games are you?

Gary Colabuono: Incredible Technologies is best known as the largest manufacturer of pay-to-play video games in the U.S., and perhaps specifically for Golden Tee Golf . While throughout our 23 years we have worked on consumer and console video games this is where our focus is primarily now. With this in mind, we worked with n-Space to develop the title for WiiWare and we are very happy with it. n-Space works on a wide variety of cross platform titles for many publishers, and they were great partners.

WW: What inspired the decision to bring Target Toss Bags Pro to WiiWare?

GC: We brought Target Toss Pro: Bags to WiiWare primarily because we thought the control and game play were a natural fit. The game is a party and tailgating game in real life and on the console. Much like Wii Sports Bowling it is pure simple fun that has a low barrier to entry, yet can become really competitive. 1 to 16 players can play, and we think for 700 points players will get real value.

WW: For those readers who don't know can you tell us a bit more about the sport of toss bags, or cornhole as some might know it.

GC: Bags or cornhole is a deceptively simple, yet extremely competitive game where players try to toss beanbags into a hole in a slightly raised platform or "box" for points. The Bags game is played all over the country: at backyard BBQs, at tailgating parties before a game, or in the college quad. Our goal was to take this popular game and bring it to the level of a professional sport with dramatic replays, over the top scoring and great announcing.

WW: Your arcade game of Target Toss Bags pro can cost up to $4195 to purchase. What differences might one notice in the $7 download?

GC: The WiiWare version of the game is not that different than the coin-op version. The biggest difference is in the control - the coin-op game uses a trackball so the experience is a little different. That being said, we were able to play to the strengths of the home console experience and the Wii platform by doing things like adding in an additional mode of scoring that was not possible in the coin-operated version."

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