Trailer for New World from Amazon Studios shown at The Game Awards

Omar Writes: Earlier tonight a new game titled New World from Amazon Game Studios was revealed in a somewhat ominous trailer featuring a mysterious red pendant.

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Rambokind715d ago

Hot garbage, but unsurprising

Spenok715d ago

Seems like an interesting premise.

phoenixwing715d ago

It could be good or bad but its only available on pc atm so i cant be bothered

Spenok715d ago

That doesn't bother me so much, but I'd imagine if it does well enough it will make its way to consoles eventually. Most MMO's do these days. But in any case, I'll keep my eye on it simply because it seems like it could be interesting.

But more than likely I'll just stick with FFXIV.

phoenixwing715d ago

I cant justify paying a sub like that for mmo rather buy the single player entries for final fantasy

lelo2play715d ago

Pre-order without gameplay?