LittleBIGPlanet Only For Hardcore Gamers

TheSixthAxis: "As far as LBP's appeal to reach out to a whole new demographic for the PS3, I can't see it because once the first week is out of the way, LBP is an unmissable game for gamers, but offers very little to the absolute beginner, other than a smile on their face at Sackboy's antics."

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thebudgetgamer3652d ago

sonys games usually don't jump out of the gates but for the most part end up with respectable numbers


GWAVE3652d ago

This is the author's opinion, so I'm gonna give my own:

Sackboy -- at the core -- is a very simple game. Both the core gameplay and the customization are very easy to understand. Yes, hardcore gamers might get more out of the game, but beginners can grasp the concept quite easily.

I also laugh at people who downplay the game because "I don't feel like spending 10 hours making one level". That's so sad. If you don't want to make a level, then don't. It's VERY fun, but if level creation isn't your thing, that's fine, because hundreds of thousands of OTHER users are quite willing to make those levels for you.

jkhan3652d ago

I agree with you, its a very simple game, with great value across all modes. But I think there is one issue that will hurt its sales. Although the sackboy does look cute and this game may seem to look like its a casual game, its not actually, some story levels are pretty hard, plus sackboy's jump leaves a lot to be desired. But when in the groove the game is a blast to play.

GWAVE3651d ago

@ jkhan

You know, I'd bet the Lincoln Memorial that the vast majority of "casuals" who play LBP wouldn't notice the so-called "bad jumping controls". After all, if they are casuals, they don't play many video games. And if they don't play many video games, they don't have a frame of reference to compare the controls. I really don't understand the complaints against the controls, anyway. I've never had a problem. Are they different than a lot of other sidescrolling platformers? Yeah, they're a little different, but they're not unplayable. I would think that the "hardcore" would be able to adjust to such minor differences.

Cernunnos3652d ago

I disagree, my first game was Crash Bandicoot 2 for the PS1. That wasn't regarded as the easiest game in the world either, but I managed to complete it. Now I'm a hardcore gamer and have been in some of Europes finest COD4 clans.

LBP reminds me a bit of Crash Bandicoot, and I think the game is a great way to start. Although, some of the last levels gets very challenging.

sprinterboy3652d ago

Quote: "How do I know about platforms, pits, firetraps, patterns, enemies etc.? It’s down to years and years of gaming, I just know these things, I know what to expect and therefore what I must do to get between the 2 platforms or tackle the enemy. Does my Mum or Dad know these things, or my 5 year old or even my Grandad? No they don’t, and without this knowledge they are never going to create a masterpiece level in LBP"

This generation of 5yr olds and mums and dads will learn just like you did when you were a beginner, with all your years and years gaming experience. If mum, dad and a 5yr old cant learn the general patterns of firetraps and moving boulders etc then there is something wrong with this planet we live on and there is no hope for the future of anything, a five year old will make a basic fun level for himself and laugh at it were dad will really go back to his roots and learn from the tutorial or manual, same as mum.

GamingGeekPS33603652d ago

My 5 year daughter...LOVES..and I cannot stress how much see LOVES LBP.

One cool thing about can make a very simple level and your kid will think its the greatest thing in the world..and play the same simple boring level over and over and over again with just as much excitment as the first time they play.....

I can see it being a hardcore game also..but it feels like LBP is set up to appeal to all..

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