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bouzebbal595d ago

Days Gone and Astrobot are a steal for this price!!!
Anyone knows if there are still people playing Zero Hour??

ShadowWolf712594d ago

No, not they. He asked if there are people still playing.

I said there are. As in, there are people still playing.

Traecy595d ago

I think I may buy D2:Shadowkeep for $20.99 instead of paying the original price of $34.99.

TGGJustin595d ago

Astro Bot is a must for any PSVR owners especially at this price. Days Gone, Firewall: Zero Hour, and Erica are all great games too.

phoenixwing595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

if i hadn't already bought some games this month i'd probably be checking out this sale. Sony always has so many sales it's hard to keep up with them all. Glad to see some big names get sales though.

Edit: I caved and bought the frozen wilds upgrade for 5 dollars on horizon zero dawn. Completely worth it.

meka2611595d ago

Anyone know what game is being shown in the thumbnail? Looks kind of cool.

phoenixwing595d ago

@meka i'm pretty sure it's the outer worlds

phoenixwing595d ago

i found the source picture online and it's the outer worlds

InUrFoxHole594d ago

Lol I said the same thing. Figured it was OW

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