Lips microphone won't be compatible with Rock Band or Guitar Hero at launch

As evidenced by the all-too-confusing Rock Band /Guitar Hero peripheral compatibility debacle, gamers loathe being forced to own multiple sets of plastic instruments when they shouldn't need to.

Speaking with Lips creator Keiichi Yano, MTV Multiplayer found out that the karaoke game's mic will not be compatible with Guitar Hero or Rock Band, at least initially.

Why, you ask? The Lips microphone is wireless and contains an accelerometer, which is apparently reason enough for it to not function with those other titles out of the box.

Yano says that a patch from both Harmonix and Neversoft could remedy the situation, though. As a cheap bastard who doesn't own a Rock Band mic and kind of wants to get Lips, I would greatly appreciate the gesture, guys.

It can't be that hard to whip up a quick patch, can it?

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crazycris2713623d ago

Come on Yano , thats a bit weak. its either compatible or not. if they were to release a patch that added backwards compatibility after a few weeks of the games launch you are going to piss off a whole load of people who just paid full whack for the mic, when they could have just waited and used the rock band mic they had owned for ages!

i personally think the game should be compatible but hey , its Microsoft. if they find a way to squeeze a bit more money out of you then they are sure as hell going to exploit it!