Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Delayed to Make Adjustments

Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered has been delayed on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS/Android devices until summer 2020.

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FallenAngel19841206d ago

They better have local multiplayer in this remaster

ZeekQuattro1206d ago

It's funny that FF8 managed to get remastered before this game out. This was announced when people were still speculating as to why Square still hadn't announced 8 after saying they were porting a bunch of classic FF games to other platforms.

Kados1206d ago

To be fair, the FF VIII remaster is more of a straight port. They didn't even fix the aspect ratio. Playing the PC version i couldn't even really tell the difference between it and the original.

Traecy1206d ago

A lot of adjustments to delay the game for 6 months & it's just a remaster.

CrimsonWing691206d ago

Whelp, I belie—I belie—I believe that’s all, folks!

JBryant06191206d ago

How about that physical release? 👀

Sgt_Slaughter1206d ago

Probably physical in Japan, digital everywhere else. At least for the Switch at least, Square Enix loves to be difficult.

JBryant06191206d ago

A man can dream. Play Asia it is then.