New stunning screenshots released for Pearl Abyss' new open-world MMORPG, Crimson Desert

Pearl Abyss has released a new set of screenshots for its upcoming open-world MMORPG, Crimson Desert.

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Cyb3r679d ago

I hear theres also a single player mode

rpvenom679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

dope, i'm more interested now. I literally just bought a gaming pc for the first time last week.. need something to push this baby's settings to the limit

Cyb3r679d ago

Apparently they are working on it for nextgen consoles also you guys should check out the gameplay trailer on youtube

Orionsangel679d ago

I hope so. I have no interest in interacting with other online players. I wanna go on my own private adventure.

jbull679d ago

Same as, the gameplay trailer looked brilliant.

Lionsguard677d ago

If the single player campaign is sizable and good, I'll get it and maybe even try out the MMO portion which I'm guessing is what they're betting on people doing.