WayTooManyGames' Top 20 Best Games of 2019

The WayTooManyGames staff narrows down the the huge amount of games they have reviewed in 2019 to the twenty best games they tackled throughout the year.

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Toiletsteak288d ago

Pretty solid list.

Devil May Cry 5 is my GOTY. Bloodstained should have been an the list.

lptmg288d ago

The reason Bloodstained didn't make the cut is that we reviewed the Switch version, and that had a few performance issues that dropped its score a bit. But think of it as an honorable mention for an honorable mention :P

TGGJustin288d ago

About time someone gave GOTY to DMC5. It's been getting snubbed hard considering it's one of the top 5 highest reviewed games of this year.