The Next BioShock Should Be Set In Space

There's always a lighthouse... always a man... always a space station...

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SickSinceSix1205d ago

Yeah, like the kind a supervillain would create

lptmg1207d ago

a Bioshock in space? so.... System Shock?

-Foxtrot1207d ago

Well if it's set on the Moon or Mars then at least it separates it's self from a Space Station like System Shock, not to mention if they have any "tears" in the game (unknown since we don't know if Elizabeth being gone closed them all for good) they could have some great System Shock Easter Eggs

SkatterBrain1205d ago

didnt some of the tears show like present day? didnt the ending of infinite say its all the same story told in multiple ways?

Endyo1206d ago

System Shock is cyber punk. BioShock is retrofuturistic. It would probably be more like Outer Worlds.

Sciurus_vulgaris1205d ago

Bioshock is more Steampunk Sci-Fantasy; the series is also alternate history.

Endyo1205d ago

Steampunk IS retrofuturisitc... just like Dieselpunk... Atompunk... etc. Alternate history and anachronism would also differentiate it.

Godmars2901205d ago

A 70s or 60s style space station/moon base.

isarai1206d ago

So prey and/or system shock basically?

Nacho_Z1205d ago

That's probably my choice. I wouldn't focus too much on the zero gravity and outdoor sections though I'd be more interested in seeing their vision of how a new colony would turn out given time. Maybe it could have an Elon Musk type character behind it all whose ego eventually runs out of control, totally unlike real life.

camel_toad1205d ago

Someone should give him a big red button that says "DO NOT PUSH".

CrimsonWing691205d ago

Nawww man, it should be In Bikini Bottom!

Tross1205d ago

I’m sure there are mods for the first game or two that make that a reality, at least as a background aesthetic. If not, someone should make that.

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The story is too old to be commented.