Fight Night Round 4 Servers Will Be Closing In 2020

Fight Night Round 4 swings its final punch, as online servers will be taken down next year according to a press release from EA.

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SickSinceSix411d ago

Guess we won't see another Fight Night until next gen at the soonest. Did any notable boxing games come out this gen at all?

lptmg411d ago

the Creed game for PSVR was pretty good.

SickSinceSix411d ago

Didn't know it existed, I'll have to look it up. Thanks

Petebloodyonion411d ago

Fight night round 4 is still the best boxing game at the moment.
I still pop it in my old Xbox from time to time and nothing beats the feeling of a close fight in the late rounds.

isarai410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

I liked round 3 better myself, it gave you a lot more controll especially when it came to defense, which really allowed you to develop your own style and finesse to things.

Petebloodyonion410d ago

I loved Round 3 but it was nearly impossible to win as a technical boxer.
The game heavily focused on the counterpunch Philly stance and Ko made winning a match by points nearly impossible.
Also, the losing boxer on a scorecard would get a boost of Stamina later on (lousy catch-up logic) was not something I was fond of.
I could also add the Headbutt that made cutting easy.
But I loved the corners mini-games or the dept of working on bruises and cuts.
The animation was also fantastic.

SkatterBrain411d ago

cut the UFC Servers too , some of those grapples look awkward when people would walk in and see 2 guys straddling each other, i tried soo hard to make it not look weird

traumadisaster410d ago

Tbh the actual matches look awkward when passerbys walk in and see the straddling party. I constantly think get up and fight.

BQ32411d ago

Round 4 was the best the franchise had to offer. You could find success playing to each fighters strengths and anytime somone wanted to spam a particular cheese i could always find a realistic boxing strategy to counter it. Champion started off pretty good but the game was very exploitable and became a cheese fest. The auto block severely hurt the game as well. If they ever make a new game i hope they look at how they achieved competitve balance in the gameplay of Round 4.

TheColbertinator411d ago

Graphics were top notch in FN4. Too bad EA never returned to it.

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