These 6 Reveals Would Blow the Roof off The Game Awards 2019

Omar writes: Metroid, Zelda, Horizon, Elden Ring, and so many more could appear at The Game Awards 2019, but which reveals will get the biggest reactions?

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nucky64356d ago

right now, i'd like a small peak at what Bluepoint is up to - i know we aren't getting it - but that does interest me. since we aren't getting that - elden ring would do nicely as a replacement.

TheScotsman356d ago

Yeah for me anything gurillea are doing would be awesome as well as something from either camp on hardware would be nice

nucky64355d ago

heck yea, any of that would be great too.

phoenixwing356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

tbh i want to know what bluepoint is up to for only one reason. During Halloween they alluded to something that could be related to legend of dragoon. All i want is confirmation on whether they're working on something related to legend of dragoon or not.

PixelOmen356d ago

If you're referring to the same tweet I think you are, they referenced something like 7 franchises in that tweet. It was more of a joke than anything else, so I wouldn't get your hopes up based on that alone. Personally, I'm hoping for Soul Reaver, even if it is extremely unlikely.

nucky64355d ago

i'm with you on wanting to know what they're up to. i imagine since it's for ps5 - we'll hear about it at sonys ps5 event.

UltraNova356d ago

Elden ring is a sure thing since tGAs is the biggest event before release so expect a full on reveal.

xX-oldboy-Xx356d ago

I think Elden Ring is almost guaranteed, nothing from Sony 1st Party, Nintendo or ms. Just 3rd party games reveals would be my bet.

Ausbo356d ago

Nintendo always shows up at game awards.
I’d be willing to bet they have a new reveal.
Microsoft already confirmed Ori and gears tactics.Sony has Tsushima. I doubt they announce anything new.

Rebel_Scum356d ago

I want to see The Last Night and get a release date announced. Its been too long. :(

Smokehouse356d ago

I want a bioshock teaser. I just want to know the setting and I’d be happy.

356d ago
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